funny search term of the day, that people find me by

This stuff is all anonymous in my logs, I mean I can see ip address and geographic locations but there is no way for me to actually tell who out there is typing in this stuff. So if I sound snarky or sarcastic, I’m not making fun of anyone in particular, just all in good humor.

Anyway the google search term of the day, by which someone landed at my little nest here, is:
mariemont starbucks skinny barista

I couldn’t resist cracking up over this one.

Whoever you are out there, the one you probably have in mind is Erin.
She is an absolute cutie, a sweetie, well bred and her ingenue like demeanor has caused many a foolish boy’s heart to fall into depths of infatuation. She has good taste in Indie Music and you will probably find conversations with her quite pleasant.

This gives me an opportunity to talk about the Mariemont Starbucks folks in general. They are all cool as hell. In particular Rob. He’s one cool mother..

Yo, just representing ’em.  Be sure to leave them large tips. They deserve it.


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