Quote of the day Sunday April 25 2010

“..why are we getting our political opinions from entertainers?

It means that all of those who you hear lauded as “geniuses” are not, and those you never hear about may be, because society confers “genius” as a marketing title for denial experts, not reality experts.

It means you live in parallel worlds, one called social-reality and one called physical-reality. In social reality, the language of commercials predominate; in physical reality, when you bring the product home, you find the instructions are wrong and you need some hideous hack to make it even work.

Take a critical look around you as you go through life. The people you see celebrated; are they worth celebrating, or just clever denial experts? Are our leaders honorable, or just good at hiding their intentions? While I love my country, and my world, the best manifestation of that love is a clear-eyed view of reality itself. ”
– Brett Stevens at Amerika.org

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