About Kemal

If you want to reach me somehow then kamal [at] kali-yuga [dot]org – you know what to do, so do it.

Kemal is a engaged, professional, DC expat, Sunni Mohammedan of Colour, with a non-current non-active attachment to specific Sufi tariqas, whose names you really do not know. He is also a dilettante, to boot.

He currently haunts the Ohio Tri-State area, with seasonal departures for the pacific northwest or London.

He digs: old books, Islam, Sufis, Hermeticism, eschatology, commodities, antiques, fine cheese, fish & chips, coffee, 30 year old sketchy coffee houses, new books, road trips, jazz, and experimental music.

He used to dig phone phreaking, but then he grew up, and blue boxing doesn’t work anymore anyway.

Kemal does not dig: Crass stupidity, tacky tattoos, and thoughtless bigotry.

Thoughtful well thought out bigotry, however, he can at least respect. Artistic and interesting tattoos might pique his interest. You may send photos for his appraisal, if you wish to. In person examinations and appraisals may also be booked, per calendar schedule.

Kemal is also fond of: Cats, target shooting with large bore handguns, target shooting with small bore handguns, long meandering walks in old neighborhoods and graveyards, and poetry. In case I didn’t mention that..

And really, that is all that you need to know.

“..there’s nothing worse than elitist dilettantes..”
-Maurice Mattei, artist, and musician

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