What is the Kali-Yuga

The Kali-Yuga is a party that never ends, and yet it will end and must end by its nature.

Hindu and Indo-Aryan mythology divides the world as we know it into separate ages, known as “yugan”

A literary exploration of this theme can be found in J.R. Tolken’s Lord of the Rings cycle, subtly interwoven into the narrative.

As a mythic theme – the Kali-Yuga is the last age, the age of Iron, the Cro Mag’s “Age of Quarrel” in a sense. It is what the Muslims call “akhir al-Zaman”. The age of al-Dajjal, the pitchman, the antichristos.

Beyond myth, many have the distinct feeling that we live in a strange and prodigal age. An age of parody, an age of deceit, an age of heat death and entropy. An age of decadence matching our progress.

Watch Rome burn, pull up a lawn chair, and enjoy a cold one. The party begins, enjoy your view.

“In the dreamtime of apocalypse, each twist of the spiral opens and closes time: no timeless space but a limen or threshold tense with tenses. To let Revelation frustrate the apriori assumption of time as a causal series is to shake the construction of Western historicism from within. At the same time perhaps it scrolls Apocalypse free of the endist literalism for which is the necessary mythic origin but therefore sufficient cause.”
– Catherine Keller: Apocalypse Now and Then.

“As the end of the world approaches, errors increase, terrors multiply, iniquity increases: the light, in short…..is very often extinguished; this darkness of enmity between brethren increases, daily increases..”
– St. Augustine (5th Century A.D.)

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