Poetry notes: Once more into the breach – on using Arud Bahr meter in English Ghazals and Ruba’i – Part 3

[ed. tightened up a few things 6/10..] So, welcome back. I wander and meander, so let’s wander back, and eventually touch on the actual aim of these postings – exploring how to adopt the meters used in Ghazals, Ruba’iat, Qasidas, and all sorts of other wonderful “Oriental” forms of Persian, Hindi, Urdu, Turkish, and Arabic […]

Tips from a Consultant on the edge

Things I’ve learned over the last 15 years of consulting in fields as diverse as Business IT, Network analysis,  Importing, and Product liquidation, from Universities, to Small Businesses, to mega corporations, to sketchy scrap metal and demo companies owned by Roma who walk around talking about vague ties to Russian Mafya (Roma = Gypsies – […]

Poetry notes: tricky using Arud Bahr meter in English Ghazals and Ruba’i – Part 2

In the last century many modern poets rejected traditional tools of meter and line form, tools poets have used for thousands of years, because they found them limiting and enslaving. Modernism was about rejecting enslaving old authority and tradition, and creating new seemingly liberating art. But modernism itself because a canon and an enslaving authority […]