3 Interesting Things about History, Entertainment, and Class I’m Pondering

Three things have been striking my mind as interesting. One interesting thing about modernity is that the strangest things are inverted. In terms of their roles in historical traditional society, modernity inverts certain forms and patterns. Take one example; contrary to the idea that only women adorn themselves, except a few simpering metrosexuals, when we […]

Long overdue Linkage, 25th January 2013

“..But through the pain and the suffering Through the heartache and trembling I feel loved..” depeche mode, ‘i feel loved’, from Exciter Linkage is love. quite simply The Science of Storytelling: Why Telling a Story is the Most Powerful Way to Activate Our Brains Dec 5 2013 by Leo Widrich http://lifehacker.com/5965703/the-science-of-storytelling-why-telling-a-story-is-the-most-powerful-way-to-activate-our-brains I have read this, […]