Rant, Sunday 5/29/11

Rant There comes a time when vapidity and superficiality become criminal. So while we wonder about Justin Bieber’s Jesus tattoo or whether or not Lady Gaga has a cock, our country, nay our whole world, is being systematically flushed down a toilet and we repeatedly approve of those doing so if and when they give […]

Select Excerpts from the Work of Ian Dallas (Sheykh Abdul Qadir al-Murabit)

On Hitler: “..The astonishing thing is that he was a kind of Biedermeier dictator. Look at him. His Alsatian dog, his waitress-mistress, his middle-class vegetarianism. And the undeniable Gemütlichkeit of his taste for afternoon tea and scrumptious cream-cakes. He liked Léhar, Dietrich and cowboy novels. This was the man who was going to build a […]