Rant, Sunday 5/29/11

There comes a time when vapidity and superficiality become criminal.

So while we wonder about Justin Bieber’s Jesus tattoo or whether or not Lady Gaga has a cock, our country, nay our whole world, is being systematically flushed down a toilet and we repeatedly approve of those doing so if and when they give out smooth pleasant sounding words that appeal to us because we are unable to disassociate our emotional response from our minds.

So tell me, what do you think of Justin Bieber’s Jesus Tattoo? Is it blasphemous, so I’ve heard it rumored. And what of Lady Gaga, is she hot, does she have a “donkey cock” as she once so eloquently quipped in an interview?

“Better them than us” is the chant uttered by a people utterly bankrupt and tragically unable to remotely conceive of how bankrupt they are. “Them” ARE “us” very soon, if we have the wits to realize. Or perhaps we will continue to utter smooth lies to ourselves to help us get through the day?

Or rather tell me of the world, of people whose drinking water opens lesions in their guts, whose bathing strips away their skin, or of people being sold counterfeit rice made of plastic by profiteering whore sons with no care of long term consequences. Of baby bottles and food cans washed with known carcinogens.

Of civilizations unable to conceive of human values of gentleness, that calls itself Christian, or Muslim, or Hindu and yet ignores the fundamental ethical demands of each three religions, or of a humanity whose concerns are purely quantitative and economic, incapable of love without it being some sort of economic exchange.

OF the Faustian exchange of a bit of electricity and a few jobs at Nuclear power plants located on earthquake faults or near coastlines that historically have seen typhoon after typhoon, of our utter arrogance in thinking we are gods upon a planet that seems, lately, to suffer our presence with increasing unease. Of people driven into poverty by slick glib criminality of its elite classes, and yet who are too witless to demand their heads.

We are out of balance.
Homo Economicus, the weak, enervated, spineless, jellyfish blob-like offspring of Homo Necans sired in his senility and dotage after he became too witless to handle his sacrificial knife.

And we, we who have willingly become, with full consent, beasts of burden and supper meat on the table for interests whose disdain for us beyond our narrowly economic and utilitarian ends is patent and manifest.

Unsustainable barely describes the situation we collectively face, and indeed the whole world, driven by our own ceaseless and aimless protean confusions and ‘change’. We stand at the edge of a precipice whose depths we have no clue of whatsoever, and we shall not pass it, nor cross it, at the rate we are going. Indeed we seem poised to tumble headlong into it.

And we, for whom all that’s necessary for our selling our own children’s futures are a few simple pleasant words and promises from those whose outward appearance appeals to our ideological or political bents, whose practiced and studied words appeal to our fears and anxieties,.

And we, whose inability to see long term consequences to anything that has an emotional echo manifests the clear signs of an enervated and utterly drained bunch of pansies.

And we, who lacking teeth, lacking claws, and lacking all wits, will be recorded by history as the final generation of several generations of utter folly.

I’m almost done with my fellow Americans, and feel like retiring to some rural patch in the middle of the Appalachians or something growing turnips and raising sheep for the rest of my life, I swear to God that if you scraped the most seemingly God forsaken patches of the world’s wilderness you will not find a lot of people as bewildered, as incognizent of their true interests – long or short term – as cowardly and craven and concerned about their creature comforts and “Security” as us. And how much is sold to us in the specious name of security, this piss poor seven letter word that excuses every tyranny, every injustice, every abuse?

For all of our bluster and feigned manliness, our grandparents generation had more spine, and more sense, in spite of all of their manifest faults.

I’m done.

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  2. Favorite Kafir Aurat says:


    Microchips in FOOD, please read above!

  3. They are crunchy, with milk.

    That’s an interesting link though. The tendency to track absolutely everything will invariably lead to embedding such tracking and monitoring chips inside babies, justified of course as being for their own safety and good.
    Also worrisome is the profligate use of nano particles in the food industry today, the FDA hasn’t exactly conducted any real studies on their long term effects.
    Gallery: Nano-Products Are Everywhere

    Amid Nanotech’s Dazzling Promise, Health Risks Grow

    Why Nanotech Hasn’t (Yet) Triggered ‘the Yuck Factor’

    Nanotechnology Bringing Foods, Regulated or Not, to Grocery Near You – AOL News

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