On Progress, Excerpts from “A Material Civilization” by Rene Guenon

Kemal considers these points: It’s possible to allow emotion and sentimentality to obscure clear perception. When you are facing dire situations, this tendency must be fought with all discipline. Criticisms of the West are sometimes met with knee jerk and snarky responses along the lines of ‘..well would ‘ya prefer Somalia or Bangladesh? – Other […]

The Libyan revolution co-opted by foreign governments and rebel opportunists

by Sean Jobst May 18, 2011 There was a genuine Libyan revolution with authentic revolutionary forces. I consciously use the past tense, because this revolution has nevertheless been co-opted and taken over by the public face of the rebels at Benghazi. The leaders of the rebel regime – Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, Mahmoud Jebri, Ali Aziz al-Eisawa, […]

Selective Outrage over Qadhafi: Hypocrisy of “War Crimes Tribunals”

by Sean Jobst May 18, 2011 There is an impending effort to bring Libyan leader Muammar al-Qadhafi to “justice” at the International Tribunal for his “crimes against humanity.” Yet far from being actual outrages, what these buzz-words reveal is the blatant hypocrisy and double standards of those who would selectively cry crocodile tears whenever it […]