Quotes of the day, Wed. 4/28/2010

Scattered quotes that I found interesting, some from recent conversations, others from more peculiar sources:
“Nihilist is just a nice word for someone who gives up. I never met a nihilist who wasn’t thoroughly annoyed. It’s like the kind of thing that 14 year olds bandy about” – Thomas Lynn 2/10/2010

“Don’t dance around the bush, just call lies lies, period. Just throw semantic bricks but consider and read deeply first acquire to acquire the terms, words the deeper understanding. And know who to ask advice from. Yeah, advice. You have to take good advice.

Sex is a good example. You see, when it comes to sex, it is not worthy nor fitting to ask most men anything at all. Most have nothing but bad advice and most will lead you astray. You must go to purer more original sources than some schmuck with a string of failed relationships. If you are lucky maybe you figure it out without going through too much harm, or maybe you find the one unique man with actual knowledge about it who can see through the delusions of his drives appetites and give good objective advice.” – N. Budakhan over coffee, 03/2010

“..What lies?
He’s finally come alive
Out of these mediocre plentiful things all the time
A steady stream of madness
Conscious to a flood
The clock is ticking for Bad Blood..” – Ministry, Bad Blood

“..next to war the next best way to make money is health products.. You know, thats the beauty of it. The fact that someone actually went through the process of making food replacements. Take meat replacements, FDA approval and all that bullshit, it just means, well, that you probably should start eating meat after all…” – Abu Abdullah Maghribi, 4/21/2010 while chilling out on Ludlow, chatting about on Truvia, and the supplement industry

“..i’m in love with this malicious intent
you’ve been taken but you don’t know it yet
what you will know must never live to be found
cos it’s the subject of the eyes of the drowned..” – Ministry, N.W.O.

“..We are products of our environment, but you have to seperate yourself from people who don’t think and see like you think. You’ve got survive, and reign supreme, and know and recognize this.  So avoid idiots, and even your family if they don’t see what you see and obstruct you. They try to tell you you are wrong, but no, I’m going to MAKE it work,  and it will catepult me to the level where I need and want to be at.. Never forget that even though you might break through a barrier, you will still have enemies. So you’ve got to always know and keep touch with your support base, and keep communications with them.

Benazir Bhutto’s an example. If the goal is to perpetuate yourself and persevere, and not destroy yourself prematurely, then always keep close to your base of power and support. Malcolm X made the same mistake as Bhutto, he stepped out there thinking he’s changing the world and making an example, and what do they do? They slaughtered him right in front of his babies and wife. That’s no way to go.

The English have a proverb, he who runs away lives to fight another day. Basically quitting while your ahead isn’t the same as quitting.. it’s like the Prophet’s hijra, you retreat to survive, and to be stronger and then return.

It works like this, the uncouth and dishonest destroy the cream of the crop. This is a problem with the western world. If you know that you have the cream, then you’ve got to develop yourself to the point where you can protect yourself from the uncouth and from maggots, and maybe someday even propel away and advance. They would crush you if they could, so if you want to survive sometimes you must retreat, and then come back with strength. So you get your money in a way they have to respect you for, by not hurting anyone, respectable, the hard way, you keep close to your support base, and then you return with strength.” – B. Muhammadu D. S. Kamau on business, war, and politics.

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