Guest post by Baruti M. Kamau. Anti-Qaddafi rebels reportedly raped Black African women in Benghazi

The Arabs are trying to gain the sympathy of the Western world for assistance against their oppressive governments. However, the murder and rape of Black African migrants in Benghazi (East Libya) reduces the value of anti-Qaddafi rebels claim to justice. The rebels lack of liberation virtues and principles will cause the Black World to engender more support for Muammar Qaddafi against his Arab enemies.

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  1. Repair_Man_Jack says:

    Well done. The US engaged in no thought or analysis before ordering strikes.

  2. […] Anti-Qaddafi rebels reportedly raped Black African women in Benghazi, “People who only read those who agree with them are essentially mental slaves. […]

  3. Celi Bates says:

    This article is not true. The revolt in Libya is done by common people: drivers, teachers, doctors against a violent regime. He was going to massacre hundreds of thousands in the East when the US intervened. We appreciate that very much. In the western part of the country, he crushed the revolt so violently, only Zawyeh was able to survive for 4 weeks, before his forces entered and committed so many dreadful acts. Gaddafi’s forces have killed more than 10,000 civilians by now, and kidnapped more than 20,000 youth, while another 15,000 are missing. I’m from Libya and I know that Kaddafi forces are the villains. The rebels are ethical and don’t rape or steel. They want a civilized society for a change. Our youth were hanged in public so many times for not attending his boring lectures, not to mention those massacred in prisons or in concentration camps. This article is not accurate.

  4. I respectfully disagree with you (Celi Bates). What is the true condition of Black African migrants in East Libya? We are aware that North African Arabs and Berbers have practiced a form of racism towards weaker Black Africans for centuries. I’m not saying that Qadaffi is a great leader without faults. What I am saying is that so-called Libyan freedom fighters are not what they say they are.

  5. Reply to both of you, me, personally, I only believe half of what I read in all of this. But the condition and treatment of Black African migrant workers by the Libyan rebels should be deeply looked into.

    So too, the presence of criminal elements among the rebels, who might by their actions cast the rebels fight in a bad light.

    I’m holding off conclusions, but am considering many things.

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