Linkage for 22, March 2011

(Per emails received, folks – needless to say, my linking to something is because I find it interesting, thought provoking, or providing a little examined facet on something. This doesn’t mean I endorse or support it by necessity, I may link to or quote from, wantonly and without apology, anything I disagree with because it at least provoked thought or prodded an assumption I haven’t examined. People who only read those who agree with them are essentially mental slaves. )

Editorial: The Benghazi rebellion in East Libya is shameful, by Baruti D. S. Kamau

(Provocative.. but interesting)
Could Tobacco Be Good for You…? by Simon Rierdon, guest writing at In Mala Fide

Where Are The Good Men, by Omari ‘Assanova’

(Old but interesting)
On Qaddafi and the Seeds of Hate in Darfur

(On that note, Qaddafi trying to muddy the waters a bit)
AU Chairman: Hard Evidence Proves Israel behind Darfur Conflict

Reflections on a trip to Libya, and Gaddafi’s feigned insanity, by Hamza Yusuf Hanson

Reasons Behind The West’s Involvement in Libya, by Advocatus Diaboli

Interesting bit of Science and Human attraction

(Speculative, but interesting to consider)
Google’s Revolution Factory 2.0

[KR124] Keiser Report – Fox News’ Boo Fail

Wikileaks Goes After The Saudi Royal Family

(Provocative Video – but interesting to consider, at least)
Did Muslims Discover America? – Dr. Jerald F. Dirks

$260 billion gold mines going for a song, behind closed doors

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  1. Many kind thanks Kemal for linking to my article. Do you mind it I link your site to my blogroll? After reading a large portion of your archives I feel it will be a good fit.

  2. Simon, sure you are welcome. Feel free to, and thanks.

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