Observations 19, February 2011

Gnomic hikam to contemplate whilst brushing your teeth..

Those questioning your morality are sometimes projecting their immorality on you, the shaming gambit is distraction.

There is beauty everywhere around us, failure to notice this is a function of not paying attention, or seriously jaundiced vision.

Every mark somehow sought his scam. Each Lolita seeks her man. Every one seduced is complicit in her seduction.

Therefore you cannot protect anyone from themselves. Chips fall, destiny prepares their landing place.

It’s always later than you think, and realizing this is a path to optimism.

Optimism is facing the real, not pretending it’s other than what it is.

Evolution is only change, and implies nothing moral or normative.

Our inability to let go of people and things, is a path to our destruction.

Truly no answer is an answer in itself, if we are listening.

Burnt bridges never repair themselves, and the one who scorns, finds himself scorned.

What’s bitter on our plate, is sometimes only what we sought..

Sunrise’s corollary is sunset, and hours are waves retreating.

There’s no dishonor in buying and selling, yet there is in need.

Listen closely and you’ll hear the clock ticking, when it stops, so do you.

Listen closely, and you’ll hear the world ending, entropy is a bitch, ain’t it.


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