Want to loose weight?

Do four things and I promise you, unless your metabolism is screwed to heaven high, you will shed some weight.

1. Cut all high fructose corn syrup from your diet. Seriously, eating sugar by the bloody teaspoon is better for you than this.

One of my ex girl friends did this and shed 40lbs in 3 weeks. She loved sugar, used to dump 20 packets into her ice tea and coffee whenever we went out. Disgustingly endearing actually. Sadly, she died of an overdose soon thereafter.

That said, the point still stands. When she died she was slimmer than she’d been in almost a decade. Simply stop drinking all soda pop and drinks with corn syrup, if you need a teeth rotting fix then drink Jones Soda or something with Cane Sugar.

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Reflections on a chat with Sybilka, and Henry Miller

cafe sitwells

Henry Miller, often makes for bizarre reading. Black Spring in particular hits me in the gut in a visceral way. Parts of the book are almost tediously full of the piss, snot, cum, and general excretions of everyday human existence. Henry Miller is Tom Waits in print, or more appropriately (giving credit where it is due) Tom Waits is Henry Miller in verse with musical accompaniment COIL and Nick Cave alike could only wet dream about.

Lately I’ve suspected that Cincinnati, and all of us in it, are simply collectively one large complex novel. There are characters in Clifton who bear more than a passing familiarity to characters in Miller’s Black Spring.

I was chatting with Sybilka over at Sitwells and she pointed out something that struck me.
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If love is the answer, then what is the question?

“everything fornicates..” – the motto on a COIL T-Shirt.

A sad thing about the English language, our language is often inadequate in discussing love.

For example, many languages have 2, 3, or more words for love, themselves relating to different aspects, types, or degrees of love. We use “love” to mean everything from fucking (ah, I meant “making love”) to our food preferences (“I love honey”), to affections between friends, or a mother and daughter.

“God is love,” says Saint John.
This is a common sentiment in America, in particular from people into liberal Christianity, or the New Age. But if we say “God is love” what exactly do we mean by this? This is an important question, you know. Because if we are to use language to communicate, we must do so with precision.

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Swine Flu Blues..

Swine Flu?

My gut tells me – not only is the media blowing things up into a scare, irresponsibly, BUT this has got to be something bio engineered.

I bet dollars to doughnuts, come on, healthy young adults dropping in Mexico? it has entire segments of the bird flu, one gene segment from a human flu and two gene segments from a pig virus?

This isn’t natural. LIE to yourself and say it is, but really use some bloody logic.

I’m not a cynic enough to suspect purposeful planting, but I’d bet some nimrod of a lab tech dropped a flask somewhere in a biowar facility.. Slippery little test tubes.

Stay tuned people, and wash your bloody hands before touching your face. Just like mom told you.


… Anonymous blog ban…

European Union MP’s vote to Ban Anonymous Blogs

Folks, don’t think it can’t also happen here.  You may say you have nothing to hide. But do you? Are your political, environmental or human rights views out of sync with the majority?  A whistle blower at a company doing something illegal? Want to warn fellow citizens without exposure to reprisals? Speaking out against crime in your community?

Only the naive believe they have nothing to fear from governments that have tested biological weapons on its own citizens, wiretaps you at random, occasionally fines you $5000 for trimming your bushes the wrong way (it happens folks). Cling to illusions that your government is here to serve you change – but the reality is government and business are complex beasts, sometimes on your side, sometimes not. The right of anonymity is one your ancestors fought and died for in the West. The blood of martyers are wasted on their offspring, in general.