2013 Insight One – Sex is Communication

Sex is communication? Yes, Sex is a form of Communication.
This isn’t a novel insight, it’s been made before. For that matter, so is handshaking, or kissing, or hugging, or patting one’s back. Indeed, throwing a punch to the face or a bottle over someone’s head is also a form of communication, but lets stick to Sex for now. Part of my writing this is clarifying the idea itself, in my mind. Because it’s part of a larger puzzle I have been considering. But for now, let’s look at the idea of Sex as Communication…

Sloppy Reflections on Sikora’s Telegraph Piece on Cancer Treatment

We live in an age of Cyberpunk Science Fiction like medical technology, in which the exploration of the human body and its pathologies have taken quantum leaps forward. Adn yet the not to be conquered barrier of physical death, that “undiscovered country” remains. Cancer, increasingly and tragically common, and horrific on all levels -God preserve […]