7 Points on the NDAA – Being Lied To Sucks, So Does Tyranny.

If certain people have their way, these very words I post may be considered dangerous subversive, and even get someone locked up. Do you want to live in such a world?

A world in which half the Blogosphere, particularly those corners dealing with politically incorrect thoughts, could literally be locked away in detention for Word alone?

Welcome to a world where your views on Gender, your views on Sex, your views on Race, your views on Religion, your views on Government, and your views on Economics can, and shall, be construed as support of terror if some pen pusher in Washington, or New York, or Brussels, or Beijing, or London decides they are “dangerous”

Welcome to the seeds of a brave new world. Let’s consider a few things.

100 years ago voices in this land against freedom agitated against Jewish immigrants; they came here seeking liberty from oppressive regimes in Eastern Europe, these voices were tied to many interests, from private merchant banking and financiers, desiring to prevent others from rising in the ranks of success and challenging them.

They always come for the Jews first in history, because almost no one likes them, and they are history’s ultimate whipping boys. Accused of everything against the planet and driven into exile with clockwork regularity.

Make no mistake, after they come for Jews, they come for you. And today, in many ways, you can substitute Muslim for Jews, same Propaganda almost same boilerplate accusations from 100 years ago.

But it’s not about Muslims or Jews..

It’s about YOU.

Make no mistake about it, we are in a similar period of history, but with far higher stakes.

The glove is being thrown down, why don’t you recognize it? Consider this;

One: America isn’t football, ice cream, and popcorn, Baywatch or Jersey Shore,  – it’s a set of ideals about rights liberties freedoms AND responsibilities. If these are removed there is really no sense whatsoever of calling yourself an American.

Think long and very hard about that.

A dangerous law is about to pass, President Obama must be urged to Veto the NDAA. You, as a citizen, have a voice, and you must exercise it for all that your own ancestors sacrificed to bring you into a world in which you can enjoy certain rights liberties and freedoms.

Two; Freedom doesn’t just mean doing what you want, it means being able to do what you know you should do, and following your conscious. It means freedom both to exercise your rights to self, family, and community as well as to live your life as you see fit.

It means having the right, and the responsibility, to have your say, to speak your mind; on political and social issues without fear of being not only silenced but imprisoned, without trial, without formal arrest, without hope of release.

Three; The NDAA is a BAD SET OF LAW; it has many horrible provisions, and it must be vetoed by our President; all of them added up are called for in the name of security and protection from terrorists.

These are all lies, the NDAA can hurt you; it can hurt you  and anyone you love far more than it will ever threaten any terrorist, real or imagined.

Four; The NDAA comes out of Stalin’s and Hitler’s playbooks; Only tyrannical regimes put people away and make them vanish for years without ever releasing them – this is what some horribly misguided people are trying to pass into law here, now, in America; for what?

Do they say in the name of safety and security?

Ask yourself; do you feel “safe” or “secure” knowing that your own government can detain you military style and lock you away all because something you said somewhere sounds like a threat to them?

Do you feel safe knowing the government can detain you because of your religious and social views?

This is the 11th hour.

Five; This is something both sides of the political spectrum, both left and right, can agree on. This bill destroys the Anglo-American traditions of liberty and enables a government to detain without definite release date any, and I mean any, citizen it deems to be a threat.

It is up to our president to Veto it, if this is not done then make not mistake, have no illusion about it, and do not mistake these words for idle paranoid conspiracy theory, the very legal basis of your liberty is at an end.

In today’s changing world who is to say that some innocent and sincere words in opposition to a government policy will not be construed by some idiot paper pusher to be subversive?

Six; This has happened before, over and over in history I said before 100 years ago the country was full of voices advocating unjust measures against immigrants, many Jewish, almost all from Eastern and Southern Europe, as well as Greeks, Italians, Poles.

Back then who wanted this? I will tell you.

Big business executives hiding behind Foundations; grown so big as to loose any sense of patriotism and justice, social engineers steeped in academic Ivory tower ideologies wanting a controlled and easily managed society, racists and bigots not just proud of their Nordic heritage (and I support healthy pride of any race and ethnos) but absolutely hateful and paranoid against against Eastern and Southern Europeans, fearful of genetic admixture with them and full of paranoia against their effects on their WASP culture, hateful against religions against which they had an inveterate and irrational loathing, and Power Mongers at the top of the corporate elite who desired to consolidate and eliminate any possible competition to their growing monopolies over society and industry, many who secretly believed that the doctrine of a pure race applied only to their narrow elite, a Social Darwininan sub species they believed, separated from the rest of us, peasant or slave stock, without the right material to really succeed in the game they rigged.

This doctrine that we blame the Germans for, it wasn’t the Germans who initiated these ideas, they started hereand decades later would almost destroy the free world. All of these much different voices came together at a shameful moment of history.

What did they advocate?

Unjust, and un-American, and unjustifiable searches, seizures of property and persons, detainment in institutions for indefinite lengths of time, they advocated outright forced sterilization, forced extermination through “humane euthanasia”, severe eugenic regimentation of “inferior” Jews, Southern Europeans, and Eastern Europeans, imprisonment, and worse.

All of this happened IN OUR COUNTRY in the names of combating anarchism, bomb throwing terrorists, communist subversion, and cultural dilution. This is written out of many of our history books but it really happened, and you can spend an afternoon in the library and find out shocking startling things about this shameful bigoted episode of our history.

In the end freedom loving Americans rejected this and because of their courageous outrage outweighing the forces of prejudice and fear many were able to enjoy the freedom their parents and grandparents yearned to reach.

However later these very same ideas which were first advocated in American and England were later taken up by monsters like Hitler and used to kill 6 million Jews, and 3-4 million non Jews, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Catholics, Gypsies, and anyone the Nazi regime saw fit.

That was all very long ago, and few of us remember this, almost distant memories to our great grandparents and grandparents. But 100 years is not so long ago really, when you think about it.

Seven; It comes down to this; seeds of collectivist and communitarian control combined with these sorts of laws means tyranny against you. Some of this is tragically, sincerely pushed by progressives, other pieces of the pie are sincerely, tragically, pushed by conservatives.

All of it advocated in our favor but in reality to justify regimes of surveillance and social control, a global arrogation of LOCAL rights and freedoms privileges and liberties of people by foreign committees dictating their ideas of a well managed society, creditors dictating their ideas to the governments of debtor nations, in debt in spite of the best wishes of their own citizens, can and today do indeed quietly advocate the most noxious of laws to corrupt lawmakers, using the stick of fear of subversion, and fear of terrorism, to convince.

Tyranny is the rule in history, Liberty is only won by a conscious and awake people, of any religion, any culture, any race.

In today’s world of rapid globalization, declining economy, sundry wars abroad, who is to say that the American republic’s (or what little is left of it) may not be hijacked by interests that don’t care for the tradition of rights and freedom of political speech and association that created it.

Do not be in illusion about this, this is a dangerous law, and will affect far, far, more innocent Americans than anyone remotely guilty of anything having to do with terrorism or subversion, and worse it will be very, very, difficult to repeal or get removed.

This is no conspiracy theory, gentlemen and ladies this is the bell knoll on the American republic, whatever is left of it after 20 years of steady erosion of rights.

Urge, in what little time remains, our President to do the right thing and strike down this monstrous threat to our present and future rights, freedom, and  liberty.

You know what to do so do it, do not fear.

Because if you falter now then in the near future you will have real reason to be afraid, speak out, spread the message to all you know, tell our President to Veto the NDAA

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  1. Great article. I personally think this will be vetoed though I’m not gonna be surprised if its not. The real people in control are using this to help Obama get reelected. When he vetoes the bill, he’ll be all over the main stream media saying how much he cares for our freedoms and the constitution. Of course, anyone with half a brain knows this is a lie, but alot of the american sheeple will believe it. Anyway, I wanna send out a big FUCK YOU to all the members of congress that voted yes to this bill. And to the powers that be, your days of tyranny are coming to an end. The revolution is near. RON PAUL 2012!

  2. I certainly hope it’s vetoed, the whole DC power game makes me sick to the gut.
    Congress needs a big fat enema, and soon.

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