Want to loose weight?

Do four things and I promise you, unless your metabolism is screwed to heaven high, you will shed some weight.

1. Cut all high fructose corn syrup from your diet. Seriously, eating sugar by the bloody teaspoon is better for you than this.

One of my ex girl friends did this and shed 40lbs in 3 weeks. She loved sugar, used to dump 20 packets into her ice tea and coffee whenever we went out. Disgustingly endearing actually. Sadly, she died of an overdose soon thereafter.

That said, the point still stands. When she died she was slimmer than she’d been in almost a decade. Simply stop drinking all soda pop and drinks with corn syrup, if you need a teeth rotting fix then drink Jones Soda or something with Cane Sugar.

The high fructose corn syrup supply has been compromised by excessive levels of mercury anyway, don’t believe me?

2. Walk. A lot. Daily. Seriously, take an hour walk every single day. It’s not hard. Go out, walk around the neighborhood. Walk to the store. Etc.

3. Increase your omega 3 fatty acid consumption. I prefer fish oil capsules, along with flax seed. Any dietician will tell you your body can more efficiently handle omega3 from animal sources. However if you are a vegan then Flax seed or Hemp oil  (nasty stuff) will both work.. just not as good as fish oil.

4. Decrease or cut out entirely any and all hydrogenated fats from your diet. Yes this means eating less processed foods. So what, your love life, work life, and emotional life will be better. Hydrogenated fats are almost calculated to make you unhappily obese. (Unlike cheese and similar delights, which will make you happily obese. )

Butter’s better for you than margarine. Ghee is MUCH better for you than both. Yes, Indian style natural Ghee (avoid the vegetable ghee stuff, it’s basically desi style margarine)

Now there are other factors, like ssri medications and the like. Steroids for brain disorders, anti depressants and mood stabilizer drugs WILL add some weight to you.

But if you take in more omega 3 fatty acids trust me, your moods will stabilize anyway, there is a strong correlation between omega 3 fatty acid consumption, depression, bipolar disorder, and even low IQ. Yes eating it increases your IQ (social biology wonks might want to consider the role of diet in human behavior as well as genetics. And diet can affect genetics on a long term basis. Diet, culture, and basic genetic stock all interact. Everyone knows this except the disingenuous or ignorant. This is why elite diets, middling class diets, and servile/slave class diets have always historically differed. )

Eat more fish or fish oil or Omega 3 fatty acid sources, you will become slimmer, more intelligent, sexier, and happier. How much is a matter of degree, it may be subtle, it may be radical. But taking the time to plan out your diet more will simply only help you.

What do you have to loose? Fish oil’s $6 for a jar of 100 capsules at wallmart.

Persist in it. You will hit a wall after some small progress. At that point you have to make a choice, to pursue more radical means or be comfortably where you are at. But simply walking more, cutting out high fructose corn syrup, eating fish oil (mercury filtered) or flaxseed oil, and dropping hydrogenated fats from your diet will work wonders.

After that pick up some moderate weight lifting, which will increase your metabolism, if your knees can handle it some light jogging, increase your consumption of fruits and drink LOTS of Green Tea. Lots. Try to switch to a diet high in salads and raw fruits for breakfast and lunch, and save your meats, heavy proteins, and carbs for dinner.

Isn’t it worth it?

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  1. Excellent blog. I found you through your hilarious comment about Ann Coulter. Thanks for giving me a good laugh this Friday evening!

    Though a minor correction on this blog entry: it should be “lose” rather than “loose.” Feel free to delete this if you’d like. 😉

    Two years ago I cut out all sources of sweetened drinks and started drinking water exclusively. I do weight lifting, squats, push-ups, sit-ups and stretches daily, combined with an Asian home-cooked diet and omega-3 fish oil. It works quite well.

    Also, your entry on love — that was beautifully written.

  2. Good points, I disagree with having carbs at dinner though. Carbs are for energy so better to have earlier in the day.

  3. Hm, everyone’s body is different. Personally when I have carbs earlier in the day I find it difficult to burn them off. I feel a more intense energized state when I eat mostly salad stuff earlier in the day and save my protein and carbs for later, like a 5 or 6 o’clock dinner.

    Though I admit, sometimes an early morning bowl of uncooked oatmean and strawberries does juice me up for a hard day at the wheel ‘o ‘life.

  4. Well thank you, typos must be exterminated at all costs.

    God, Omega3 fish oil is a heaven send, and home cooked meals. Nothing sexier, I think the real problem in our generation is the rash of people who have simply forgotten how to cook, much less how to cook in a healthy safe way. I think that a depression and cut in disposable income will… “adjust” this problem right nicely.

    My comments on Ann coulter, I really had to shake my head. I could have said more.. but didin’t 🙂

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