Swine Flu Blues..

Swine Flu?

My gut tells me – not only is the media blowing things up into a scare, irresponsibly, BUT this has got to be something bio engineered.

I bet dollars to doughnuts, come on, healthy young adults dropping in Mexico? it has entire segments of the bird flu, one gene segment from a human flu and two gene segments from a pig virus?

This isn’t natural. LIE to yourself and say it is, but really use some bloody logic.

I’m not a cynic enough to suspect purposeful planting, but I’d bet some nimrod of a lab tech dropped a flask somewhere in a biowar facility.. Slippery little test tubes.

Stay tuned people, and wash your bloody hands before touching your face. Just like mom told you.


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  1. Having *ahem* a certain relative being quite knowledgeable about this, not quite. There may have been some cover up/mess up by the Mexican/American governments who exchanged animals and really should have detected the development of the new strain a decade or two earlier.

    Yes, it was detectable. Vets have known public health measures and staging systems for the sake of preventing such incidents.

  2. I would go even further, now, since initially writing this.
    Looking at evidence from multiple sources – the Swine Flu actually appears to be rather mild in comparison to other flus, and the initial hype out of porportion. It is by no means a pandemic according to the classical definition of the term.

    I think that medical professionals are only being fed a small picture of the real story regarding this particular flu. And that the media massively mishandled the situation.


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