… Anonymous blog ban…

European Union MP’s vote to Ban Anonymous Blogs

Folks, don’t think it can’t also happen here.  You may say you have nothing to hide. But do you? Are your political, environmental or human rights views out of sync with the majority?  A whistle blower at a company doing something illegal? Want to warn fellow citizens without exposure to reprisals? Speaking out against crime in your community?

Only the naive believe they have nothing to fear from governments that have tested biological weapons on its own citizens, wiretaps you at random, occasionally fines you $5000 for trimming your bushes the wrong way (it happens folks). Cling to illusions that your government is here to serve you change – but the reality is government and business are complex beasts, sometimes on your side, sometimes not. The right of anonymity is one your ancestors fought and died for in the West. The blood of martyers are wasted on their offspring, in general.

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