Two quotes for 13, November 2010

Quote 1: “What the F. are you talking about?

I swear, your country’s going downhill. People’s concerns are getting irrelevant. I’ve seen chimps with higher concerns and aims. Listening to bullshit music, talking about bullshit topics, while your whole country is being burnt down and bankrupt, and all they can talk about is Sarah Palin?

That’s not idiotcracy, that’s Chimpocracy.

Actually Kemal, it sounds like perfect opportunity to create an autonomous parallel society..  Perfect opportunity for someone who wants to take advantage of it.

We’ve got to get off this freaking island of fools, before they eat us or something..”
Khalid Bey , in response to my observation over coffee regarding the Sarah Palin/TLC Documentary series

Quote 2:
“.Part of the courtesy of the rich man is humility and generosity. If he is bereft of these two qualities, he has no intellect.
If the rich one is bereft of courtesy, he will go the path of hideousness.
This is why it is said that the best thing that a man can have is an intellect that supports him, or if he is not there, then wealth that will cover him, and if he is not there, lightning that will burn him, so that the land and the slaves will be at peace.” – Sidi Ahmed el-Zayruq – commenting on the intellect’s superior to wealth, and of the dangers of wealth without virtue or intelligence, as a burden to the earth and humanity.

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