Links for 4 November 2010

The colors may change, but the substance stays the same, by Ferdinand Bardamu

This one made me think a bit..

Heart Workout, The Journey of the Body, Thoughts on Temperance

Rape is not funny. Yes, even when it’s George Michael. (updated), by Indigo Jo

A hint of Orwell In the UK, No more trials by Jury?
Cut jury trials, says victims’ champion Louise Casey
“..The right to trial by jury for many lesser offences should be ended in England and Wales, the Commissioner for Victims of Crime has proposed..”
[What a prim, self satisfied smirk on her pasty face, swear to god, where do they dredge up these people?]
BP’s Environmental Disaster: Fishermen Report Louisiana Bays Filled With Oil, by Dahr Jamail and Erika Blumenfeld

Did somebody just try to buy the British government?

Richard Lynn on Italian “IQ”
“Generally speaking, Lynn is not to be trusted. He’s been caught numerous times falsifying and manipulating data to fit his conclusions (e.g. here, here, here, here and here), and it looks like he’s up to his old tricks again.

This time around, he’s not even using actual IQ data, but the proxy of scores on reading, math and science tests administered to 15-year-olds (PISA 2006). So he’s attempting to quantify innate general intelligence by looking at the academic performance of school kids, a measure that to a large extent involves learned knowledge and other factors. And while some researchers still argue that one is an accurate predictor of the other, one of Lynn’s own sources, Deary et al. (2007), addressing two of his other sources, suggests that caution should be exercised..”

Across the U.S., Long Recovery Looks Like Recession

Are Credit Checks Keeping The Jobless Out Of Work? by Laura Bassett Huffington Post

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