Kamal’s take on the Health Care bill

Brilliant. Maybe the tea baggers aren’t all cracked in the head.

So, the House approved an overhaul of the national health-care system, expanding coverage to over 30 million uninsured Americans…

..while at the same time forcing millions more to purchase private health insurance.

Rather “progressive”, dontcha think?

30 million will get a baseline minimal barely adequate lowest common denominator degree of subsidized health care, while the rest of us are by legal mandate customers for life to a small clique of insurance companies.

I like Kucinich but in this case he simply sold out. The “health care bill” that the tea baggers were spazzing out over actually was a crock of pig offal that never should have passed.

There was nothing progressive about this bill, making all of us guaranteed customers for life, by law, to a small group of interrelated companies is pretty close to setting up a legal monopoly.

Say, if congress passed a law mandating that you have to buy a Cola (not Vimto, not orange soda, not grape, but Cola) every Thursday, for the rest of your life, irrespective of whether or not you NEED or LIKE a cola, and the one and only public, government run, Cola bottler in the whole USA has limited distribution to 50% of the population of Macon County Georgia, within specific income and age brackets, and the only other Cola players were two large corporations Pepsi Co, and Coca-Cola Co, and three other small for profit community run fair trade, organic Cola bottler collectives, in Eugene Oregon and Seattle Washington, with limited production runs of 20,000 bottles a week, well now, this means that the majority of us are forced to only buy Pepsi and Coca-Cola, by law. It is a legally mandated polite soft monopoly…

60,000 bottles of fair trade organic bottled Cola distributed to plaid wearing lumberjacks on the West Coast notwithstanding.

Yeah, it’s a weak analogy, but scratch your head over it.

Both true conservatives and true liberals have reasons to have disliked this law. I resent being a forced consumer for life, it deprives me of effective choice and agency.

It was a scam.


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