Rant, Sunday 5/29/11

There comes a time when vapidity and superficiality become criminal.

So while we wonder about Justin Bieber’s Jesus tattoo or whether or not Lady Gaga has a cock, our country, nay our whole world, is being systematically flushed down a toilet and we repeatedly approve of those doing so if and when they give out smooth pleasant sounding words that appeal to us because we are unable to disassociate our emotional response from our minds.

So tell me, what do you think of Justin Bieber’s Jesus Tattoo? Is it blasphemous, so I’ve heard it rumored. And what of Lady Gaga, is she hot, does she have a “donkey cock” as she once so eloquently quipped in an interview?

“Better them than us” is the chant uttered by a people utterly bankrupt and tragically unable to remotely conceive of how bankrupt they are. “Them” ARE “us” very soon, if we have the wits to realize. Or perhaps we will continue to utter smooth lies to ourselves to help us get through the day?

Or rather tell me of the world, of people whose drinking water opens lesions in their guts, whose bathing strips away their skin, or of people being sold counterfeit rice made of plastic by profiteering whore sons with no care of long term consequences. Of baby bottles and food cans washed with known carcinogens.

Of civilizations unable to conceive of human values of gentleness, that calls itself Christian, or Muslim, or Hindu and yet ignores the fundamental ethical demands of each three religions, or of a humanity whose concerns are purely quantitative and economic, incapable of love without it being some sort of economic exchange.

OF the Faustian exchange of a bit of electricity and a few jobs at Nuclear power plants located on earthquake faults or near coastlines that historically have seen typhoon after typhoon, of our utter arrogance in thinking we are gods upon a planet that seems, lately, to suffer our presence with increasing unease. Of people driven into poverty by slick glib criminality of its elite classes, and yet who are too witless to demand their heads.

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Benefit Ohio Families for Safe Birth, The Yoni Show

The Yoni ShowSomehow WordPress swallowed this post. Last week the Ohio Families for Safe Birth (see www.safebirthohio.org) held a performance benefit at Aquarius Star books and Cafe. The event was organized by Lauren Wales, and was called “The Yoni Show.”

I attended it with a friend because I support the basic cause passionately.

I fully support mothers’ and families’ legal right to choose natural safe home births. In fact, I have extreme difficulty imagining how any intelligent person wouldn’t support this, unless they just happened not to think the matter through, or were simply not exposed to reliable information on the advantages of natural midwife assisted births.

It should be an available choice for those mothers who want to experience this. Many mothers who have experienced natural home births have nothing but praises for it.

I attended the benefit show with a friend, who herself had a legal home birth in Canada, assisted by an experienced midwife and doula, an experience so positive that she would never trade for anything. It included a range of performances from local dancers, poets, spoken word artists, one scruffy shaman, musicians including one quite good Desi Tabla player, and the overarching theme of it all was the sacredness of birth and motherhood as a foundational aspect of life, and a woman’s absolute right to be able to choose how she wants to birth her baby.

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Smart Kids Group social media for kids

Last week, Richard Shergold founder of Smart Kids Group (OTCBB: SKGP) announced in a press release that his team will soon rollout a premium kids social media site controlled by parents and guardians. His social media site for kids will focus on building a safe environment that will be fun and entertaining.

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Select Excerpts from the Work of Ian Dallas (Sheykh Abdul Qadir al-Murabit)

On Hitler:
“..The astonishing thing is that he was a kind of Biedermeier dictator. Look at him. His Alsatian dog, his waitress-mistress, his middle-class vegetarianism. And the undeniable Gemütlichkeit of his taste for afternoon tea and scrumptious cream-cakes. He liked Léhar, Dietrich and cowboy novels. This was the man who was going to build a state that was to last a thousand years!”

On Napoleon:
“..As the father figure of the modern State he is unsurprisingly true to form. Having granted him an undoubted genius, both as a military commander and as the designer of the modern State in all its intricate details and inter-relatedness, a model which is functioning now in every place, its form having completely overridden the State models of constitutional monarchism, the very same banality of personality has to be recognised. The crudity, the brutality, the ability to work with people he totally despised, all these aspects are clear.

Of Talleryrand, one of his closest ministers, he said, ‘You are a shit in silk stockings!’ His very assumption of Empire has in it an inescapable vulgarity. The Empire style is not the image of glory but somehow seems to be the perfect decor of the Pigalle night club. The women’s dresses, the epitome of strip-tease, décolleté, see-through and sparkling. All that gold. All that royal purple. All that crimson. How supremely petit-bourgeois! The flashy French equivalent of Nazi afternoons in the Berghof.

What we find in all these low characters is that alongside their extreme deficiency of character, or in some cases their damaged characters, is an extremely developed technical ability.”

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On Progress, Excerpts from “A Material Civilization” by Rene Guenon

Kemal considers these points:
It’s possible to allow emotion and sentimentality to obscure clear perception. When you are facing dire situations, this tendency must be fought with all discipline. Criticisms of the West are sometimes met with knee jerk and snarky responses along the lines of ‘..well would ‘ya prefer Somalia or Bangladesh? – Other than showing a mind numbing softness of thought, this illustrates something profound, for those who truly love the West. The lack of discernment. The very people most needing to consider certain things – if for the saving of their own communities and civilization – are those most likely to retain an inability to truly critically examine their own ground, except in the most superficial corners. This is dangerous to them, and what they wish to save – so too is a lack of discernment concerning what they should be trying to save anyway, and what is simply false nostalgia.

The number of appreciators of Rene Guenon’s thought who, somehow, are still invested with a sense of the superiority of Western Civilization, Races, Democracy, and Man, never ceases to amaze me. It’s as if one is a child picking the tasty candy and leaving the peanuts, which at least are more wholesome. This tendency is strong among Catholic traditionalists and certain neo-Pagan traditionalists strongly enamored with Evola, who also show a similar lack of discernment in regards to certain statements of Evola.

The danger is to those who do love the best of the West’s heritage, and wish to “save” it, (and by default saving the world not because the world particularly needs one Civilization’s inputs, though it is enriched by it’s, as well as others’, inputs – rather Guenon’s main point is that the main danger to “the world” in the first place was and is the out of control civilization of West) such must abandon all sentimentality for their own self protection, if nothing else, and consider certain matters more deeply. For their own sake, if not for everyone else.

This excerpt from Guenon’s ‘A Material Civilization’ also featured in Crisis of the Modern World suggests things that we Westerners need to consider more deeply. I’ve added line breaks in Guenon’s normally dense prose here and there to aid readability.

Excerpts from Guenon:One hears of the ‘benefits’ claimed for what men have agreed to call ‘progress’, and that one might even consent so to call, provided one take care to make it clear that there is no question of any but a purely material progress; but are not these ‘benefits’, of which people are so proud, very largely illusory? Our contemporaries claim they increase their ‘welfare’ by this means; in our opinion, the end they set themselves, even if it were really attained, is hardly worth the expenditure of so much effort; but what is more, it seems a very debatable question whether they do attain it.

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