Thought for the day

Climate Change,
Global catastrophes from the Greenhouse Effect,
Peak Oil,
Riots and War due to Overpopulation,

Are nothing more, than post-christian eschatology.

In a humanistic post-christian secular society no one believes in Judgment day or Hell anymore.

But you can get a pleasurable moralist kick by wringing your hands over, let’s say, global warming, and the prospect of too many of the wrong kind of breeders eating up the world’s resources.
(and how selfish of them, for shame. Consuming all of those precious resources that we, the civilized, need.)

Today there is no Bible, but there are NPR and Fox news. The opposing Manichean revelations of good and evil.

Think about it a bit.

Pleasant regards,
Kamal S.
“Hankering after the Eschaton since 1974!”

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