Shot across the bow; Sexing or Skinning Mary-Kate Olsen And Olivier Sarkozy

Mary-Kate Olsen And Olivier Sarkozy, are often in the news these days. In an age of total decline of the industrialized Western nations, the rise of power blocks in the Global South and Far East, increased Public Sector Austerity, near bankruptcy of several governments, genocide in some global flashpoints, wars, rumors of war, the disintergration of Greater Syria possibly a flash point about to ignite the largest conflict in that region – with global implications – seen to date. We must weigh our priorities.

Thus it is that beyond such jejune and inspid trivialities as the collapse of much of what people hold to be their civilization, weighty and important matters must be considered.

Such matters include; the consistency and color of the dajjal’s (to be proper, المسيح الدجّال) last shite in his commode (chained – as yokels suppose – on an invisible isle somewhere, even he must shit at times, in commodes, right? ); the exact nature of Gordon Brown’s sexual peccadillos (or enormities, as you will) with under-age minor boys and girls, while vacationing in sunny Belgium; and the moral weight of celebrity romantic and sexual relationships, all of these things must be weighed in their most superficial aspects. Of course.

Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy.

Who cares. So what.

What never fails to boggle my brain with a sharp pointy stick is the insanity of cultures that somehow object to a adult heterosexual relationships marked by this age disparity, a disparity that is perfectly biologically normal (for all of you natural organic folks) and also sociologically normative for, say, 39,000 or so years of Homo Sapiens Sapiens sojurn on this dust bowl.

That People – whose real and actual sexual morality (as opposed to righteously justified) often resembles that of alley cats in heat set wild in fields of catnip – typically wouldn’t object one iota if adult age 25 Mary-Kate Olsen, a woman with biologically and psychologically normal romantic and sexual longings, impulses, urges, and feelings, daily gargled spunk and brushed her teeth with it, if it emerged from a “boy” (man) her age or slightly younger. Or if she used such a young man’s santorum as her morning makeup face mask while he stood behind her diddling her with a toilet plunger.

You know it’s true, don’t try to say that you don’t.

Now, introduce a gendered age disparity of 20 years and suddenly their tender romance becomes dirty and filthy and somehow aberrant. The most tender romantic gestures and missionary position sweet nothings whispered lovemaking of a 45 year old man with a 25 year old woman suddenly is vile and manipulative?

In this Oliver Sarkozy’s wife’s ravings to such effect seem to have set the tone of grocer store check-out stand newspaper and magazine commentariat here.

Take a different scenario though; Ashton Kutcher was around 25/26 when he first started dating Demi Moore, then 40’ish. This was perfectly permissible and thought slightly naughty even somewhat endearing to the harridian like muppets who form part of the audience of fare like The View and Oprah (notice I said part, many fine upstanding and intelligent people view both shows – for the record)

So, let me get this straight, two consenting adults are somehow trapped in a dysfunctional sick and manipulative relationship when the elder is an obviously aging 40something European man and the younger is a mid 20something American former Child Actress.

But it is delightfully sexy, risque, exciting, and also sweetly endearing when it’s that plucky 70’s show guy and aging Bratt Pack sexpot Demi More.

Now, color me up as one tickled and amused Negro. Seriously, this kalu sudani sahib is just shivering with laughter.
For real.

Do we see the massive hypocrisy here? Yes, Oui, Ji Haan, Naam wa Sahih? Excellent.

Here’s a jelly baby for you. Enjoy..

Most of the press commentariat, in this affair, are craven milksop, spunkless lickspittle twits.

Mary-Kate Olsen is an adult woman and a sexual being, Olivier Sarkozy is an adult man and a sexual being. If she is the empowered and responsible wyman with agency and sexual power that she must be, then her choices in men should be respected. Frankly people doth complain far too much. I have known women half my age far more experienced and with greater agency and manipulative potential than men in their 50’s. Whence the power differential?

Don’t say I’m wrong. You know I’m right.

That is my final word for the day.


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