Real men read poems – dipsomaniac’s sunday sleepyeye – links for 1/30/11

“The most vivacious of riding animals cannot do without a whip; the most chaste of women cannot do without a husband; and the most intelligent of men cannot do without consulting other men of intellect.” – Buzurjimihr, the Wazir of Nushirwan

Be a Man. Read a Poem.

[Useful for techies, a list of pre-0wned systems: with built in security compromises – thanks to corporate incompetence. Courtesy of Jericho/d1s@attrition]

Internet addiction is a symptom, not the disease, by Ferdinand Bardamu

Job Description and Resume Does Not Equal Human Capital, by Baruti Kamau

Quit Tweeting Your Iphone in Myspace, by Dave

Stuff Aging Whites Don’t Comprehend: Egypt, by Advocatus Diaboli

American Apparel: Hipster Porn In Our Collective Unconcious, by Vito Rispo

What’s wrong with sleepovers, exactly? by Indigo Jo

[Interesting reading…]
While We Slept, by Vyzagoth

With Arab Despots on the Run, America Remains Hypnotized: Why Do Americans Take It in the Face?

Moving away from the subsidy model, by Brett Stevens.

All Pain, No Gain: A Brief History of “Austerity Program” Massacres & Disasters

[I may not agree with everythin V. Prozak writes, but the questions he asks are thought provoking and challenging.]
Men’s rights means men’s responsibilities, by Vijay Prozak

[An old one I missed, there’s a long history of this in the intel community, Heinlein Hubbard and a few other Sci-Fi authors used to meet with officials to map out scenarios. It makes sense, get the most creative novelists out there to ransack their brains give them coffee and booze. The link between fiction writers and intelligence circles is a very creative link, and a very old one..]

Homeland Security Employs Imagination, Outsiders Help Devise Possible Terrorism Plots

Updated: Ken O’Keefe: Rise People Rise – The Global Revolution is Upon Us! (video)

Ballmer, Blankfein Invited by Obama to Hu Discussion on Business in China

What do Human Genes and Rice have in Common?

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