Quote of the day, Friday 4, Dec. 2009

“…In utilitarian societies, where what most people consider to be good for themselves is the rule of law, there are two vectors of control: institutions and economies. Both reward producing results that people want to consume in exchange for money, and now that we’ve got many different groups with enough people in them to be profitable, there are rewards for spinning facts to appear to confirm the opinions of those groups.

In other words, if you want to tell a truth, you need to find someone who wants to pay for it already. Preferably before you find that truth. Which means you’re not going to look for it in unpopular places.

It may be the most effective method of censorship in history. Instead of directly banning what you don’t like, indirectly reward everything else and so make it even better than taboo, make it unprofitable.

Sure, there will be a network of diehards who labor in poverty insisting on truth, but they’ll get treated like UFO researchers. The remaining 98% of society will ignore it and thanks to their superior numbers, outvote it not most but all times…”

Brett Stevens, writing , over at amerika.org

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  1. Thanks for the mention — as you may know, I and other Amerika writers are avid Kali-Yuga readers. cheers

  2. You are welcome, and thank you.

    I enjoy amerika greatly. I stumbled across it through Corrupt and find your and the other writers’ perspectives to be challenging and thought provoking.

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