Quote for 21, November 2009

Why am I a history nerd? Part of my unremitting drive to know truth and reality I guess. There is a power in knowing history. A thought provoking quote from a most interesting character:

“..Prudent men are wont to say – and this is not rashly or without good ground – that he who would foresee what has to be, should reflect on what has been, for everything that happens in the world at any time has a genuine resemblance to what happened in ancient times. This is due to the fact that the agents who bring such things about are men, and men have, and always have had, the same passions, whence it necessarily comes about that the same effects are produced..”

– Machiavelli, in his Discourses

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  1. You’re not a nerd – you’re a geek. And ’tis a much beter thing to be!

    And beward quoting Machiavelli – while he was undoubtedly a genius, so too was Hitler! 😉

  2. I accept such flattery with grace 🙂

    I guess I get to hide my pocket protector

    Machiavelli was an evil one, one of the Sith. Evil geniuses have a tendency to be eminently quotable.
    But then again, so do Jedi.

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