Provocative Link: Michael Jackson Vegetarianism and high-energy concerts don’t mix

I found this link posted to another blog, read it, and found it interesting. So I provide it for your musing, dear reader.

“..I know the news has only just broke that Michael Jackson is dead, and that some might think this is in bad taste, but it’s worth pointing out how endurance-type activities — like preparing for and putting on a dramatic rock concert, complete with lots of dancing leading up to and during the performance — don’t mix with a vegetarian diet. That’s right: since about the mid-1980s, Michael Jackson was a vegetarian, occasionally starving himself as well.

(Some think he had anorexia nervosa. If so, it would corroborate what I noticed here about anorexic girls eating almost exclusively carbs and no sort of animal products, other than the odd container of sugar-loaded yoghurt.)

Heart disease is caused by inflammation, and certain types of cholesterol transporters — low-density lipoproteins — are more easily damaged and can get lodged into the arterial walls more easily than other types. There are basically two shapes that an LDL particle comes in (there’s a spectrum in between, but it’s mostly one side or the other): a small, dense BB shape, and a large, fluffy cotton ball shape…”

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  1. Nice blog, Kamal, but you need bigger margins. Also, Penelope Trunk?!

    Hehe. Good luck! I like reading your thoughts, so keep ’em coming.

  2. Penelope Trunk has increasingly annoyed me as of late..

    That said, she has some interesting and valuable insights.
    She is sometimes a bit too snarky for my tastes (reminds me of a certain ex on bad days) – and reading about the dissolution of her marriage was viscerally painful, but she has a good head on her shoulders, and I enjoy reading about both her successes, and failures, as an entrepreneur.

  3. The biggest problem with Ms. Trunk is that you can never tell when she is being honest or when she is totally full of it.

    The woman will say one day that she’s having a hard time paying her light bill, and then the next that she is making 6k a week.

    I seriously suspect that she has some mental health issues.

  4. I get the impression that her business is failing, and she invested a lot of mental and emotional energy into it. This and the failure of her marriage, tied into it.

    Typical casualty of blind careerism. I think her blog is the one piece of equity she still has, her “brand”. It is her success.

    I can relate when my business failed and it cost me in my intimate life.

    I find some of Penelope’s insights interesting. I think if I met her in real life I could enjoy a conversation with her, but from reading her I really think that she’s at a crossroads in her life.

    I wish her luck.

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  6. Mixed Desi Masala says:

    Vegetarian diets mix with everything. He may have not been eating enough or not getting enough of one nutrient or another. Eating animal flesh would not solve that.

  7. Michael Jackson will be the greatest pop singer in the whole world. Everyone will miss him.

  8. Well, a few people loathe him it seems. And view him as a monster.
    I simply think the man was gifted in many ways, confused in many ways, had his share of demons, and has passed off this mortal coil.

    as his hour came, so too shall ours.

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