Links of the day, 23, March 2012

Links I found interesting in my wanderings across the net recently, some new, some old. Presented in no particular thematic order. My Linking to them does not, and need not, presuppose I agree with the authors entirely, or even at all – only that I found them sufficiently interesting to note, and they were thought provoking.

Fred Reed, trapped in a Land of Evil Moroccan Arabs.. Who Hate His Freedoms
(and curiously are all named ‘Abdullah’)

Men Behaving Nicely: Selfless Acts by Men Increase When Attractive Women Are Nearby

A Provocative Take on Islamic Eschatology, Arguing that Mullah Omar, is a Dajjal Incarnation

Maghrebi origin of early south Iberian Neolithic

Nokia Considers Tattoos that Vibrate With Calls

The Pop Star as a Vehicle for Social Revolution. Popular Music: Then and Now

Seeing Through False Hope

Santorum and Constitutional History.. (lol)

I can’t Even Think of a Description, Eh.. Just Read It Yourself

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