Links of the Day 2 August 2010

Things I found interesting this morning

Totally unexpected, I never would have suspected this

This is kind of odd too

Wikileaks Insurance file?

But is it what it seems?

This sucks

And also from Thule..

Google’s Wi-Spying and Intelligence Ties Prompt Call for Congressional Hearing

Ancient Human Metropolis Found in Africa
(Still interesting, but I’m convinced the dating’s off, there is no bloody way it could be 200,000 years old and a product of homo sapiens, homo sapiens didn’t even develop the capacity for this kind of thought until 50,000 – 40,000 years ago)

A tide turns

Human Trafficking In The U.S.: One Woman’s Story

Savages, pure barbarity.
Feature Story: Russia’s Sex Slave Graveyard – By Yasha Levine & Alexander Zaitchik – The eXiled

Also utterly barbaric
Baltic girls forced into sex slavery

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