Links that made me think – Saturday 17 July 2010

Readings I found interesting this week:

A word on Culture Vultures

Brilliant – there is a method and logic to this, even if you are not paying attention. Some, who do not pay attention to the real game, can feel free to playing racial and ethnic nationalist games, in arenas built to occupy you with non essentials. More on this at a later date
Rich countries to pay energy giants to build new coal-fired power plants (it’s not “rich countries” it’s the UN giving your billions, while you’re in a financial depression, to build plants in China and India

Who was the fluffer?
London hospital ‘hired out ward for porn film shoot’

eek ! hmm.. also interesting.
More women lured to pornography addiction

And on that note, this link provoked thought in me
A new light on the harms of porn

On Stoic Virtue

Who Would Maintain Roads Worse Than the State?

The horrors of Eurarabia? Oh no !?! Not more hordes of m0slems
Do Muslims Have More Children Than Other Women in Western Europe?

Well. Fear tactics do have their rhetorical and propagandist uses…. Perhaps this, here, is something Europeans and Westerners should be actually worrying about, or at least those few with a mind with which to perceive.
China Posts A MONSTER Trade Surplus, As Exports Surge 44%

Does anyone recall Jim rogers’ rants a couple of years ago?

There is a logic to this, we have to look at things from multiple perspectives, put aside our biases and knee jerk conditioned responses, and examine certain issues from many directions…

To see clearly you must clean your lens and put all emotion aside, and look at every issue from as many angles as possible.

24 multinationals move HQ to Shanghai

Video – on multinationals move to Shanghai

Oh.. how the “mighty” fall (bow bow, tchicika..)
“Ferris Bueller” Actor Fails to Register as Sex Offender,0,5654866.story

This next article, I see his point and while not offering a critique, would say that success is highly context dependent – what is success to one may not be success to another. Maintaining a lineage is important, going extinct is without a doubt a failure, and yet there are other factors . Interesting reading though, short and sweet.
Failed Kings and Queens

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  1. Treta Yuga says:

    Read the “culture vulture” blog and found it to be trite and misogynist, whether written by a male or female.

    If the author was female it’s obvious she was jealous and if it was male, it’s obvious he can’t stand the thought of a woman he is sexually attracted to (enough to surmise that she was either wearing a thong OR no panties at all under her dress by the way it “clung” to – the scandal!), having a mouth (for talking rather than blowing him) and using it to express opinions he did not agree with.

    And this all corresponds with and confirms my own personal experiences dating Arab dudes.

    The sooner they can get Arab Stepford sexbot dolls the better!

    I wonder if the Japs have tapped into the Middle Eastern market yet? It’s a HUGE one – that is for sure!

  2. I am not accusing you of doing this, but I have noticed that often whenever any man makes an unflattering observation of a woman, many observers will chime in that he has to be misogynistic. Why is this?

    I make unflattering observations of many individual people, it does not denote a hatred of the group itself.

    If I make an unflattering observation of sexualized lounge lizard pseudo-players, and pseudo-“PUAs”, few would accuse me of misandry.

    In fact, they would probably cheer me on.

    Frankly, it’s rather easy to pick fun of such people, in the extreme, “peacocking” with fuzzy hats, shiny shirts (though I am a personal fan of mildly shiny shirts), and sketchy awareness of safe sex practices, and a propensity to use their sexuality as a weapon.

    And yet if I were to make unflattering observations of female lounge “playettes” or party girl types, the I suspect that many could accuse me of misogyny and sexualizing them and then projecting my sexual anxieties onto them.

    One can’t have it one way and not the other. Frankly, I think some people appear to be vacuous and empty, and prone to overly outwardly sexualizing themselves as a compensation, while making trivial comments on culture, music, and art, and I have at times found such people to be mildly annoying, be they male or female.

    This is a reason I avoid cocktail parties.

    Of COURSE I am grateful, at least, that people are listening to good music, good poetry, and viewing good art. It beats an afternoon watching Twilight.

    Misogyny is a serious matter, women die from it, I utterly oppose it because I love women, and I love femininity. This isn’t just on the erotic level, I love my mothers, my grandmothers, my aunties, my sisters, I have a spiritual love and adoration of the female principle and women. So misogyny bothers me, just as Misandry bothers me because, frankly, I’m a male. So male hating sucks.

    Throwing either term around lightly isn’t responsible.
    I am not saying that you are throwing the term around lightly, obviously something struck you as misogynistic about that guy’s post.

    To me the guy was simply illustrating what he saw as a frivolous and an vacuous consumption of a traditional culture by some of its partially deracinated and uprooted inheritors.

    I’m neither Syrian nor ‘Arab, though I find much admirable in ‘Arab culture, so I can’t really comment on the guy’s piece, other than noting that I found some humor in the post.

    And as always, I respect your opinion.

  3. Treta Yuga says:

    Kamalji, WHO the heck looks THAT closely and THAT long at a woman’s butt to surmise she must be wearing a tiny thong or no underwear at all???? A man who is sexually turned on by her – that’s who!

    I rest my case.

  4. Lol….
    I cannot argue with you on this point.

  5. Treta Yuga says:

    And he was pissed off that a woman he was sexually attracted to did not espouse ideas that were congruent with his, or with what he thinks attractive women should espouse.

    And the fact that she “knows” she’s hot too – that pissed him off as well.

    In an ideal Arab man’s world, women would be seen, not heard, humble, and dressed in a manner that is benignly attractive (so the man could still enjoy eye candy) but not overtly sexual so as to suggest that she is open to other men than himself.

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