Finding Foetus in da record store

Over at Shake It records I stumbled across a gently used (I love gently using things…) copy of Foetus’s “Gash“. The LP’s out of print. I bought it to replace the NEW MINT copy I previously stumbled on, in 2004, for a cheap price 3 years ago, after abusing the hell out of the CD, and breaking it by mistake.

I am going to savor this one.

Also found was a copy of the Foetus EP “Null“. In good condition too. This, too, I walked home with.

Strange music, it is an acquired taste, or rather acquired vice. J.G, Thirwell‘s been an underground music mainstay since the very late 1970’s. He’s influenced much more that you’d imagine, has done the best Nine Inch Nails remixes (better than Reznor himself) and he did the Venture Brothers Theme song. Betcha didn’t know that.

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