Eldritch pseudo-secrets, paranoia, and why Cum’s not a word, for 20, Sept 2012

One does not simply scoff at the Eldritch, though one may take a stroll in Mordor now and then.

Paranoia is possibly one of the most potent factors in political and social history. It lurks in the strangest places, even places of high privilege. Never underestimate the power of paranoia in motivating human behavior.

“Qala Malik”: ‘Malik said” is in the Shaira a proof text in establishing the Sunnah in itself outside of the Quran and Sahih Hadith. Anyone who doubts this should reflect a bit on how the Sunnah was preserved.

On that note, Imam Malik one wrote a book called “Kitab al-Sirr” – the Book of the Secret. Predictably enough it has been lost for roughly One thousand years. I’d give someone’s left arm to know the contents of that book. Doubtlessly it’s far more interesting than that Rhonda Byrne book “The Secret” Books like hers are reasons why the world would be a more interesting place if the Oprah channel just blipped out of existence. Perhaps, if I try hard enough, I can use the power of attraction to attract a rather large cyclone on said studio in the midst of filming…

Naah, I doubt it.

Of Life’s ironies, consider these. Personal names sometimes belie personal realities. I’ve known very few women named Chastity, it’s pretty uncommon these days. But of the handful I’ve come across they have been mostly quite… unchaste.
I’ve met a few Faith‘s here and there. Oddly enough most (not all) of the people named Faith I’ve met have been mostly or utterly Faithless.
Candy or Candi, sometimes Candy is short for Candice, other times strangely Candy is the actual given name. In either case, most Candi’s or Candy’s I’ve met have been far from sweet individuals…

“Cum” meaning the act of orgasm or the secretions deriving therefrom, should never be spelled Cum, it’s proper spelling is Come. The usage “Come” in sexual and erotic writings goes back almost 200 years, probably more.
Back then of course people wrote actual English. Spelling “Come” as “Cum” began somewhere in the 1970’s or possibly 60’s, and whoever started it was a low bred nitwit with the English skills of an autistic 3rd grader subjected to a head punching round with the local school bully. When in the throes of Coming you may, of course, pronounce it as you may, but you probably will not be writing it down.
Writers, if you write in any genre linked to Sexuality or Eroticism, never spell “Come” with a U, and missing the needing E. it’s not hot, it’s not dirty, it’s not erotic.

It’s quite simply speaking utterly purile, and borders on stupid. don’t get offended or hot and bothered by that, I am simply extrapolating from facts.

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  1. Absolute hilarity there.
    Names one should think carefully about before giving them to children
    Chastity, Sobriety, Patience, Faith

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