Egypt’s Mubarak Holds On To Power

Written by Baruti M. Kamau, Guest Columnist

1/28/2011 – Egypt, situated in the Northeastern region of Africa, has long been a country of political, religious and social upheaval. In the latest saga of events inspired by the toppling of Tunisia’s strongman, Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, disgruntled and oppressed Egyptians are demanding a change in leadership. After 4 days of peaceful protest met with stern violence from riot police, Housni Mubarak, Egypt’s president, addressed his country tonight announcing the termination of his cabinet and promising more democratic freedoms. Mubarak promise to bring in a new and improved government. US president Barack Obama enjoined Mubarak not to meet peaceful protest with violence.

Egypt has been an American ally for 30 years. America enjoy a high stake interest in the Suez Canal which is controlled by Egypt. It would not be in the interest of America or Israel for a radical movement to take the citadels of power in Egypt. So, in this writer’s opinion, Mubarak will remain in power and the Tunis revolution will go down in history as an isolated event.

About The Author
Baruti M. Kamau is an African American entrepreneur and citizen journalist. As a writer and publisher, Kamau is primarily known for publishing Barutiwa Newspaper from 1992 to 1999. Currently, Mr. Kamau is building a network of websites focusing on publishing and distributing user-generated content. As an entrepreneur, Kamau is the President and CEO of a development stage company that provides passenger and driver solutions to select urban markets in southern Ohio. Kamau can be reached @ and

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