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My friend Anna Kipervaser, is an artist of great talent, who is working on a film with her partners at On Look Films.

The movie is called Voices of the Adhan: Egypt, and it aims to be a sensitive look at aspects of the culture and Islamic religion in Egypt involving the “adhan”, the daily call to prayer that is an ancient tradition.

Her work deals with issues of the underlying humanity we all share, exploring issues that she and her family faced as Jewish immigrants from the former Soviet Union, who experienced suppression for generations. She explores lessons from her past in moving to the United States at a very early age, integrating and trying to see beyond the issues of discrimination they faced as individuals.

Her work is focused on transcending and piercing cultural barriers, finding cross-cultural connections, and exploring with sensitivity that which is common, and unique, in the human condition. This is done from the perspective of a white US citizen, with an Eastern European Jewish background, with a love for the Arab culture. A belief that “uniting cultures can only occur when people put themselves on the line past the fear that has been created by popular media” is her ethos, and the ethos of her partners and associates at On look films.

I really believe this film is worth supporting . Good art helps melt the barriers between us, and open us up to or basic common humanity. Please consider visiting their websites at:

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  1. This is fascinating and evokes both a smile, and a deep sadness.

    So how are the cobble streets, gaslights, and ever present security cameras of london coming along?

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