A musing on the topic of fake tits.

mellon Breast Implants, better known as “fake tits” – their appearance are increasingly prevalent phenomenon among American women. British women as well. So, let us say, Anglo-American, or “Anglosphere” women.

I don’t notice them much among foreign women. They seem particularly absent among Asiatic races, as well as African (no real need there), and even among Europe the aesthetic finds them to be vulgar. But in America they are common. And what do I think of them?

They make me sad, and bring a tear to the corner of my eye.

I freely admit that I am a breast man, I am intensely attracted to curvy breasts and hips.

But there is something endearing, exquisitely so, and beautiful about a woman with very small breasts. The older I get, the more I find the unique aesthetic beauty of smaller breasts to be stunning. Why? Don’t know. But I do, especially on lithe slender women. Fake boob jobs look bizarre on them. Look at ancient Greek statures, look at the perfection of those small, pert, apple sized breasts.

Breasts are beautiful, small, or large, each have their own virtues and unique subtle beauty.

Often natural large breasts look perfect on larger, curvy women. Often natural smaller breasts look perfect on angular or slender women. In many cases smaller breasts also are endearingly cute on larger girls as well. And often larger natural breasts look stunning on smaller slender women as well.

Fake breasts, if well done, are simply neutral. They do not add to one’s attractiveness at all, but if done well then I can just ignore them.

And yes, everyone can tell if they are fake. No matter how well done they are. Now, if they are poorly done, they really stab at my sense of aesthetics and bring a tear to my eyes.

My aesthetic reaction is along the lines of “Who took a magic marker across the Monet, and then pissed on top of it?”

Fake breasts are not sexy, at best they have a slight tawdry trashy appeal. Arguably with the vulgar and coarse. At their very, very, best they may have some slight sex appeal, in most cases breast implants suck.

I worked at a restaurant with a woman who was a bit of a fading beauty, but still very attractive pushing the age of 35. Basically one of those girls who were knock outs in their 20s but then partying, smoking, boozing, and multiple heartbreaks took their toll.

Anyway, her breasts were around 36 C cups. She admitted to me in a moment of candor that she was working a second job to save up for a boob job. I told her she was insane. Her breasts were among the most beautiful of all of the girls who worked there, she had this low self esteem thing, she thought that by inflating her breasts she would attract a better class of man. Um, no. You will not. Giving up smoking, on the other hand, might go a long way.

Which brings me to my next point; smoking ages you, it puts years on your face. The only two things worse on your youthful beauty than smoking are hard liquor and cocaine.

Girls, for the love of God, Boob jobs: Don’t do it.

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  1. Mixed Desi Masala says:

    Funny how we’ve always railed against the forced mutilation for aesthetic reason of women in China (binding of feet) and other types of female bodily modifications that men required of their women, but here in the West women are VOLUNTARILY risking their lives in some cases, and no doubt their healthy in all cases, to GO UNDER THE KNIFE!!!

    Doesn’t make sense.

  2. Yeah I agree, it is sad ;-(

    Rene Guenon in his book, “East and West” wrote some interesting things about the differences of his modern western civilization and eastern civilizations.

    One of the chief differences I think is that we westerners are often largely unconscious of our own barbarity, we are intensely conscious of the barbarity of others, but less so of our own. Political correctness is simple window dressing, PC leftists are very conscious of their own presumed superiority as westen modern, Liberals.

    To me there is nothing more barbaric than taking a knife and mauling a woman’s natural beauty. And as you noted, under risk of life. People can and do die during plastic surgery. If I recall the mother of rapper Kayne West died during a botched plastic surgery.

  3. Mixed Desi Masala says:

    There are many horror tales of botech plastic surgery on the internet.

    Maybe I’m the only one but I like my “imperfections”.

  4. It sounds sentimental but I believe each and every one of us has a natural beauty that may not be as beautiful as someone else’s in certain ways, but it is unique and our own.

    I can understand mild plastic surguy for gross deformities, but when it comes to the comercial desire to look like a generic barbie doll, no. I like human uniqueness and often find that “imperfections” have a perfection of their own.

  5. Mixed Desi Masala says:

    “There are many horror tales of botech plastic surgery on the internet.”


    ”There are many horror tales of BOTCHED plastic surgery on the internet.”

    I had no idea that my imperfections were imperfections or faults until someone (media) pointed them out to me. I just thought they were natural – like stretch marks.

  6. I really detest how artificial our society has become.
    Take fruit, Americans are anal retentive in our fruit choices, everyone wants unrealistically plump and utterly unnatural fruit – perfectly good fruit is trhown away before market and only the most polished chemically enhanced genetically modified stuff really gets to the store. As for the organic produce, still here too there is tremendous waste.

    The last three generations of Americans have been mind numbingly consumerist sheep. It affects our love life, our eating life, and our soul.

    We no longer know how to accept ourselves for ourselves, improve sanely what can be improved, and be comfortable in our own skins.

    This will prove to be our ultimate undoing. Our discomfort with being ourselves.

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