2 Tools, and the Sexy Power of History.

..Don’t put fire in the hands,
of the weak and faint, of the weak and frail.
” – from some old song by The Mission UK

 History is sexy. History is scary. History is strange, it can roar like a canon fired, it can softly purr like a baby tiger, but the one thing it truly is not, is ‘boring’.

If it’s ‘boring’ then either you aren’t reading it right, or it’s because you allowed others to teach it to you as a boring thing and you did not capture your birthright, the ability to make it come alive for you. But now is the hour that you take it back.

A growing theme floating in the “Blogsphere”, particularly the “manosphere” is the sentiment that things are falling appart, that to some degree “our civilization is falling”

An inchoate sentiment with some, with others a sharply defined and vivid understanding. A question to you, reading this, do you think our world is falling apart? Do you think that out civilization is crumbling, things are spinning out of control?

When I ask myself that question, well maybe they are, and maybe they aren’t, and maybe they are but this chaos around us will lead to an order.

Whether it’s an order you or I want to live in is another question, but consider this – perhaps this has all happened before..

I’m going to share something with you brief but that’s really incredibly powerful, if you flesh it out and do it, and do it well. It’s a secret that is so very simple, yet the powers of insight it can give you may seem almost occult. It was taught to me by a far more astute man than I could hope to be, and on learning it when reading older books I’ve noticed that the authors as well mention similar tricks in passing, or by subtle allusion.

Flat out, a careful study of literature and history will teach you more about seduction, persuasion, business, war, power and politics, than you could ever dream of. But you have to unlock it. And let’s look at how..

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7 Points on the NDAA – Being Lied To Sucks, So Does Tyranny.

If certain people have their way, these very words I post may be considered dangerous subversive, and even get someone locked up. Do you want to live in such a world?

A world in which half the Blogosphere, particularly those corners dealing with politically incorrect thoughts, could literally be locked away in detention for Word alone?

Welcome to a world where your views on Gender, your views on Sex, your views on Race, your views on Religion, your views on Government, and your views on Economics can, and shall, be construed as support of terror if some pen pusher in Washington, or New York, or Brussels, or Beijing, or London decides they are “dangerous”

Welcome to the seeds of a brave new world. Let’s consider a few things.

100 years ago voices in this land against freedom agitated against Jewish immigrants; they came here seeking liberty from oppressive regimes in Eastern Europe, these voices were tied to many interests, from private merchant banking and financiers, desiring to prevent others from rising in the ranks of success and challenging them.

They always come for the Jews first in history, because almost no one likes them, and they are history’s ultimate whipping boys. Accused of everything against the planet and driven into exile with clockwork regularity.

Make no mistake, after they come for Jews, they come for you. And today, in many ways, you can substitute Muslim for Jews, same Propaganda almost same boilerplate accusations from 100 years ago.

But it’s not about Muslims or Jews..

It’s about YOU.

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