Dispatches from San Francisco, from Baruti M. Kamau at Barutiwa Media

Nigeria, Cincinnati, Atlanta, San Francisco – citizen journalist and entrepreneur Baruti M. Kamau has brought a unique perspective in covering his travels. Writing at Barutiwa.com. these are some of his latest dispatches from San Francisco, exploring its politics, and socioeconomic layout. I hope to share some of his photographs soon on the epidemic of homelessness in San Francisco.

Baruti’s on-going series is titled San Francisco, California: An Island Unto Itself and will explore the truly unique and amazing position this city has. These are three pieces from his on-going project, in which he aims to illustrate from the ground, on the street, the seeming contradictions that define this city of massive wealth, massive poverty, and massive intellectual and technical creativity.

An Interview with Irma Bajar of GABRIELA USA
“..Irma Bajar is the Chairperson of GABRIELA USA, the overseas chapter of the Philippine-based GABRIELA Philippines. She was born in Hawaii to Filipino parents who migrated to the United States in search of employment. Irma is college educated, and after 10 years of community organizing, she was elected Chairperson of GABRIELA USA in March 2016. In a face-to-face interview with Irma, last month, I asked her what happened in her life that impelled her to become politically active. She said that she was inspired by a film about the 2004 Hacienda Luisita Massacre in which 14 people were killed and more than 120 injured when the Philippine’s military and police units attempted to disperse protesters. The Hacienda Luisita plantation workers were agitating for increased wages, better benefits and land reform…”


Exhibit 1: Interview with Violet Vasquez (Video)
“…This video interview with Violet Vasquez is an exhibit to my report “San Francisco: An Island Unto Itself”. Ms. Vasquez is a young activist attending City College in San Francisco, California. Her major is sociology and political science. In this 22 minute video, Vasquez discuss her opinions on poverty, homelessness and destitution in the San Francisco Bay area….”


Minimum Wage Boss Face Vociferous Opposition (Video)
“..This video news release documents the Friday morning protest in front of City Hall calling for the resignation of San Francisco’s mayor, Ed Lee. Members from AsianAmericanVoters.org staged a counter protest which resulted in more than 300 Chinese Americans participating to show their support for Mayor Ed Lee. On the other side, viewers will see the vociferous opposition to Mayor Ed Lee with the highlight of Oscar Salinas discussing the criminalization of homelessness. The video was written and narrated by Baruti M. Kamau (aka BMK). Furthermore, “Minimum Wage Boss Faces Vociferous Opposition” is an exhibit to the report “San Francisco: An Island Unto Itself” written by Baruti M. Kamau. Visit www.barutiwa.com to see additional photos and video clips concerning the protest and counter protest…”


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Long overdue Linkage, 25th January 2013

“..But through the pain and the suffering
Through the heartache and trembling
I feel loved..” depeche mode, ‘i feel loved’, from Exciter

Linkage is love.
quite simply

The Science of Storytelling: Why Telling a Story is the Most Powerful Way to Activate Our Brains
Dec 5 2013 by Leo Widrich

I have read this, it is an amazing work of history, sex, depravity, and of all things architecture…
London’s Sinful Secret by George Cruickshank
May 28, 2012 at 12:00 am
(I may post a full review of the book of my own)

see the comment discussion and have your say at the bottom
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Let’s not panic over Mali and Algeria
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provocative thought essay…
Lance Armstrong is the Quintessential American Hero
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a bit old, but interesting in a ‘just ‘cos you’re not paranoid, don’t mean they ain’t out to gitcha’ sort of way..
Flash: Radiation really is bad for you
April 10, 2011 by Mark Baard

also a bit old but it caught my eyes
The Next Right Thing
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..of males, females, violence, blackness, and city life….
What’s The Big Difference Between NYC & Chitown’s Homicide Rates? The Sex Ratio Of Men To Women
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a peep into another culture…
Why They Make Fun of Us?
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aggressive and thoughtful questions on masculinity…
Boys Are Not Shih Tzus
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..and on femininity…
Women in Combat: A Grave Offense Against Children
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..and on monarchy….
Monarchist Profile: Yukio Mishima
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Links of the day, 23, March 2012

Links I found interesting in my wanderings across the net recently, some new, some old. Presented in no particular thematic order. My Linking to them does not, and need not, presuppose I agree with the authors entirely, or even at all – only that I found them sufficiently interesting to note, and they were thought provoking.

Fred Reed, trapped in a Land of Evil Moroccan Arabs.. Who Hate His Freedoms
(and curiously are all named ‘Abdullah’)

Men Behaving Nicely: Selfless Acts by Men Increase When Attractive Women Are Nearby

A Provocative Take on Islamic Eschatology, Arguing that Mullah Omar, is a Dajjal Incarnation

Maghrebi origin of early south Iberian Neolithic

Nokia Considers Tattoos that Vibrate With Calls

The Pop Star as a Vehicle for Social Revolution. Popular Music: Then and Now

Seeing Through False Hope

Santorum and Constitutional History.. (lol)

I can’t Even Think of a Description, Eh.. Just Read It Yourself

9 Paragraphs on the dialectic of gas fracking, sea turtles, and discursive empathy

I was reading this article, and would debate some points, but overall I found it brief – thought provoking – and challenging to some of my assumptions

The Coming Global Oil Crisis | Fracking the Future

The author contemplates the overall headlines and bylines of some New York Times articles, essentially asking, ‘Is Shale Gas A Ponzi Scheme?’

From the abstract, ..The author questions the long-term reality of shale gas production and especially the financial underpinnings. Critics charge that the articles were poorly written or that the author has an agenda. Both sides are dancing around… Activists are rightfully worried about the environmental impacts of the new method of “fracking” (fracturing) shale formations to extract natural gas.
But neither side is asking the fundamental question:
What are we going to do when we run out of tricks to extract more fossil fuels?!
We are fracking our future.
Is there anyone out there who cares about our children?

This is something I’ve long considered, the discursive and dialectical gap between Progressives and Conservatives in matters of ecology. Which is peculiar because environmental conservation, and ecological concerns, when you go early enough had some traditionalist and conservative roots.

Continue reading