7 Interesting Quotes, for 12 January 2012

“I have read somewhere or other, in Dionysius of Halicarnassus, I think, that history is philosophy teaching by examples.”Henry St John, 1st Viscount Bolingbroke

“..As they sit down at the table, Trapping the media’s narrow view
They prepare for their intervention, A military misadventure or two
People today ask fewer questions, Accepting the excuses on TV
As negotiations grab the attention, They repeat the lies
Until they sound like the truth, Mad world we’re living in a mad world..”
Corrosion of Conformity, Mad World, from their LP Animosity

“Whoever does not inform his children of his grandfathers, then has destroyed his child, marred his descendants, and injured his offspring the day he dies. Whoever does not make use of his ancestry, Then he has muddled his reason Whoever is not concerned with his descent, Then he has lost his mind. Whoever neglects his origin, Then his stupidity has become critical Whoever does not cause his ancestry to be abundant, Then his incompetence has become great., Whoever does not increase his place of descent, Then he has abolished his honor.”Junayd ibn Muhammad, Waziri of Sokoto, in Mali, narrated in Nayl al-Arab Fi Istifsaa’i al-Nasab

“If you don’t know history, it’s as if you were born yesterday. If you were born yesterday, then any leader can tell you anything.”Howard Zinn, 8 November 2008.

“A covetous woman deserves a swindling gallant” – An Anonymous English proverb

“Man is only valued by his two small things: his tongue
And his reasoning; his body is a mere created image.”
Muhammad ibn al-Ghaaz

On what reason is, ‘Amr ibn al-As once said:
“It is being right by assuming, and knowing what will be by considering what has been.”
to which Umar ibn al-Khattaab replied:
“He who does not benefit by his assumption will not benefit by his certainty.”

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