2 Observations on feeling Entitled to other people’s stuff

“..there is always a story being told to you by every situation – and every object that you’re surrounded by is telling you something if you start to look carefully.” – Genesis P-Orridge, in an interview.

Thought: Immigrant Marriage and Green Card Scams:
Sometimes it sorta seems that “no good deed goes unrewarded”, a very close friend of mine just had his wife up and leave him and demand a divorce 6 weeks after the birth of their first child, mainly due to emotional pressure and being used as a pawn by her older sisters who were considerably jealous of her, being young and stupid she seems incapable of seeing that she is a pawn of envy.

This guy is one of the most creative and forward thinking guys I know, and productive.

My understanding is that she was also trying to use him to scam a green card, and of course her whole bloody family and tribe were hoping to pull off some low level immigrant food stamp fraud out of the deal, to support their own corner grocery stores and businesses, etc., etc. The thing is this, my friend chose to take the high road and really just had simple requests, don’t let her family pull legal scams due to their relationship, don’t come and steal his grandmother’s silverware, and sit on his bed when he’s not home, and eat up his food.

Villagers with village mentalities belong in villages, and when moving to first world environments should leave village bullshit back at home, and adapt.

There are many cosmopolitan and enlightened Immigrants (and there are many I’ve met) who tend to figure out their new environment and thrive. I can’t tell you how many successful Ethiopians, Indians, and even a few Somalis I’ve seen who move here, figure out the system, work their asses off 90 hour work weeks in ways that Americans seem congenitally incapable of sustaining, and in a few years thrive and do very, very well. These are productive people, more productive from my observations than most of their American detractors. I can easily see a good deal of America going to very hardworking and successful immigrants – it’s the petty scheming ones who give the rest a bad name. This is unfortunate because, frankly, from what I’ve observed the good ones are sometimes worth 3 or 4 Americans.

Thought: Legal enforcement of generosity, feeling entitled to other people’s shit – being a serf, productive or not:
Ever get the feeling that you live on a manor or plantation?

A feeling of entitlement in that a portion of what you neighbor produces belongs to you by right, and conversely a portion of what you produce belongs to your neighbor by right – and not by your own generosity or nobility, is a socially enforced economic morality. It may solve some social problems, but the underlying paradigm and set of assumptions behind it are problematic. Hey, I’m not saying the proper alternative is that Ayn Rand dictum that we should all be Scrooge McDuck here. But I do think, collectively, as a society we are not looking at the problems of being productive producers, or consumers, or distribution or welfare properly.

Everyone in the blogosphere’s pulling the Ayn Rand is a social retard card, so we needn’t go there now… but let’s link about things more here..

Part of being part of a collectivity is not being anti-social, and is giving up a share of the individuality for the larger group’s good, but this can be taken too far – after all the most gregarious, sociable and social loving animals are sheep. They follow a dominant leader by default, and breed very, very, very well in captivity. Their role is to be fleeced and slaughtered at the right time, but otherwise lead pretty comfortable and happy lives…

Legally enforced generosity isn’t generosity at all. It’s something else and whether you see it as beneficial, or not, it should be called what it is.

In our society today people seem to be on some level punished, by varying shades of degree, for actually being productive beyond a certain point. I’m not defining productive narrowly either, this goes beyond rigid right Libertarian/Conservative vs. Left Socialist/Liberal continuum. I think they are both wrong. There are many ways to be productive in a society, and in some ways the conservative solution is as disincentivizing of certain types of productivity as the liberal solution is.

The problem is that people are not really seeing the Matrix for what it is, they are half choking on the red pill or only allowing those implications of it that are congenial to what they believe, or their natural dispositions, to shine forth.

– It’s essential to recognize and understand that some people find the idea of being the property of a government very disturbing. It’s like being a serf, this is not an arbitrary definition I actually mean it in a juridical manner.

If you are essentially a citizen, in a certain sense it can be argued that you or a portion of you is property – put in a somewhat different way, you and your labor are owned, and you pay rent which are taxes for Being, working, and participating in the economic nexus, this means in essence that you are owned and what you produce a share always belongs to the state, unless of course you work for free.

This has its benefits and its drawbacks, frankly serfdom wouldn’t exist if it didn’t fulfill certain needs. But we are better off actually calling it what it is.

Is this an unnatural situation to some degree? Maybe, maybe not – it bears further thought though.


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  1. A writer I am not, so I will simply say that was beautifully written and I couldn’t agree more.

  2. Gerry, that was an ultimate compliment from the heart, thank you, sincerely.

  3. Fake green card scams, anchor baby and child support issues are discussed on http://www.janettebalaba.com/

    The solution is for fathers to file custody for their children. That’s the only way to keep their children from getting caught up in deportation proceedings if that should happen. In dealing with Family Court the father should make all of his concerns known to the courts despite any bias against him. Make sure any court ordered shared parenting deal is agreed upon without involving child support! If child support is ordered then APPEAL it! There should be a 50/50 deal.

  4. I agree, I think there should also be more fair public avenues in which these things could be discussed.

    I really, really, think more needs to come to light about the problem of fake green card scams, and how Americans get screwed over by them.

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