What to to with a Wounded Cock

Disclaimer: It needs to be stated that while this method has proven personally effective, this blog’s author is not a medical doctor, and cannot be held liable for any possible side effect of this treatment. Use common sense, maintain a reasonable level of personal hygiene, and you may also find the method effective.

There comes a time in a man’s life, in which his member may suffer a wound, injury, or hurt breaking his manly tool’s skin.

I will not entertain snickers, or chortles on this matter. Suffice to say, it can, and does, happens. And some maturity is called for, in addressing the point.

Injuries involving extreme bends – by whatever embarrassing means through which they occur – are best iced down immediately. Medical care should be sought at once. It is possible to, well, break the thing in such a way that it’s shape is permanently affected.

As for cuts, sores, and actual wounds, it has been found, from experience, that the application of raw honey to wounds on or under the head of the cock is a very effective aid to healing.

Sores, cuts, and abrasions may be healed in this way.

You want to use Raw Honey, the kind easily bought from a Health Food store, or posh suburban over-prices “conscious grocery” like Wild Oats, or similar establishments.

Apply once a day, in the morning. If one is circumcised it may be necessary to affix some gauze to keep it in place. Be gentle. Of course, in the course of attending to the body’s daily necessities, one may end up rinsing it off. This is ok. Simply apply it again before going to bed.

Doubtlessly due to the ample blood supply of the area, it has been found that healing often occurs in a few days.

Do not use Neosporin. It will cause irritation. Strangely enough, pharmacy generic Neosporin-like ointments seem to be less irritating. This too is not conjecture, and also has been found from experience. No more shall be said on the matter.

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