I really fucking resent this .. in ways that I can’t even begin to state without ranting my fool head off..

“Screw you and your world
Perpetually cut with lies
I could stand the pain
For long enough
But the taste is just
Too bitter” Godflesh, “Avalanche Master Song”

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Amid Nanotech’s Dazzling Promise, Health Risks Grow

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You know, reading this sort of stuff makes me tired to even be alive. This stuff is almost as evil as that article in the Seoul Times about Chinese people eating babies.

Every bloody day, I feel like I wake up, and read more about how the whole bloody world is far more of a horror show than I ever imagined, and that I am, you are, we are all,  actually complicit in this by my ignorance and bad choices. Like we collectively are complicit. I hate this feeling. Because we were not given a choice to be informed or not.

The feeling that the whole world is a scam and we are given the choice between mutually bad options and we wake up years later realizing that most of our whole lives were liven in a dream, an illusion, or at least a very bad joke.

We only take these things seriously when they affect our personal lives, and by that time it is typically far too late. People always are like this, they only care when it hits them in the head.

NONE of this nanotech stuff is rigorously tested for safety, and there is considerable evidence suggesting that it may be very, very, bad.  And it’s in tens of thousands consumer products in the US alone RIGHT NOW. We are given NO CHOICE about whether we want to consume it, we are not even given the option of knowing it’s even in the food supply.

This causes great resentment in  me. Because we were not given a choice. Or if we were, the terms of the choice were re-worded in a way that we simply didn’t recognize.

Just another reason to not eat processed foods and buy organic as much as you can.

Great, now I can’t even eat out once in a while without suspecting that carceogenic atomic size particles are floating in my Key Lime pie. Brilliant, bloody brilliant. I love Key Lime pie.  I also like ketchup, are people so damn lazy that they need nano-stick coatings to make it easier to get the last bit out?

“..Officially, the FDA says there aren’t any nano-containing food products currently sold in the U.S.
Not true, say some of the agency’s own safety experts, pointing to scientific studies published in food science journals, reports from foreign safety agencies and discussions in gatherings like the Institute of Food Technologists conference.

In fact, the arrival of nanomaterial onto the food scene is already causing some big-chain safety managers to demand greater scrutiny of what they’re being offered, especially with imported food and beverages. At a conference in Seattle last year hosted by leading food safety attorney Bill Marler, presenters raised the issue of how hard it is for large supermarket companies to know precisely what they are purchasing, especially with nanomaterials, because of the volume and variety they deal in….”

“..According to a USDA scientist, some Latin American packers spray U.S.-bound produce with a wax-like nanocoating to extend shelf-life. “We found no indication that the nanocoating … has ever been tested for health effects,” the researcher says..”

“..Nano-titanium dioxide is so pervasive that the Environmental Working Group says it has calculated that close to 10,000 over-the-counter products use it in one form or another. Other public health specialists put the number even higher. It’s “in everything from medicine capsules and nutritional supplements, to food icing and additives, to skin creams, oils and toothpaste,” Schiestl says. He adds that at least 2 million pounds of nanosized titanium dioxide are produced and used in the U.S. each year. ..”

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  1. I figure the use of nano-particles in different products ramped up precisely because they are so small that are invisible and a company may confortable use it without the imediate need to invest in research in order to prove that they are safe.
    However, nano may be the least dangerous thing we have to worry about regarding what we eat every day. I heard some fascinating stories about fruit processing, for instance. Extracting flavour and color, and reinserting chemical additives into pulp in order to make something more “marketable”, and making “natural juice” out of process residues.

  2. Dan, that’s a really good point actually.
    Not a happy point, but a good point all the same.

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