Barutiwa Newspaper resurrected via Online

We are pleased to announce that Barutiwa Newspaper (ISSN 1080-997x) has been resurrected via Online. Barutiwa Newspaper was a quarterly publication produced between 1992 and 1999 by Baruti M. Kamau in Cincinnati, Ohio. The publication was a forum in print with a focus on championing the voice of young African Americans. Today most African American youth are accessing the Web via their mobile phones; so we believe this is the most opportune moment to revive Barutiwa Newspaper online and encourage our youth to transform their mobile phones into a medium to get their voice heard.

We are also building an online archive of all issues of Barutiwa Newspaper published from 1992 to 1999. We believe the content that was published then is still relevant today and there is a real need to expose newer generations to such content. We are hoping to develop a highly vocal community centered around discussing that content at our forums.

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2 Novels “Mule A Novel of Moving Weight” by Tony D’Souza and “The Bug” by Ellen Ullman

Let’s read about hustlers and hackers (in the old school sense).

Some novels are guilty pleasures, others are simply de rigueur – I recommend, for your reading pleasure, Mule: A Novel of Moving Weightby Tony D’Souza and The Bug, by Ellen Ullman. Both are books dripping with detail, well researched and very, very convincing..

From the get-go:
I’m normally not much of one for novels, I read fiction and literature almost by a sort of forced compulsion, it requires discipline for me, with my will compelling the rest of me. I’ve always been more of a non Fiction guy even as a kid, though I enjoy the imaginative flights that a novel provides. If I can get into a novel, then I can enjoy it, but that initial hump of opening it up is like dragging a sled across my teeth on an icy day. Somewhere, deep within, novels always feel like substitutes for more valuable or rewarding reading.

It’s an engrained habit and attitude. I do value literature on many levels though, as archeology and historical annals – exposing attitudes and events of an age through a novelist’s distorted lens, and sometimes exposing things that would be otherwise lost. Or as propaganda and a record of a faction, group, class, or even individual’s attempt to persuade along ideological, philosophical, or religious lines, to mold and regiment and influence the thoughts habits attitudes and beliefs of others.

In particular for psychological insights, a novelist captures things in matters of hate, rage, love, lost, desire, antipathy, joy, and sorrow that the most trained psychologist is often incapable (and unwilling) of rendering clearly – with the craze for dating and relationship advice, one does have the distinct impression that if more men read more widely many questions about the thoughts and feelings of women would seem less opaque.

Yes, also literature’s also for rhetorical reasons. In an age in which most people do not master words, and in which mastery of words, of diction and of usage can enable one to achieve distinct effects, then reading those who do master words can convey distinct advantages.

So on to the Books:
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Obligatory Linkage long overdue…

I’ve been away for a while, time to spread the goodness. Linkage makes the web go around..

(..mildly thought provoking…)
Marcotte’s Boxers Are In a Twist Over Nice Guys®, by Susan Walsh

Food Delusions, and Discerning Between Food Produce & Feed Products , by Dave in Hawaii

(…Clean energy ‘carbon’ credits – are simply daft bullshit…)
Clean-energy credits tarnished : Nature News

Dienekes, poking at the affluent hunter gatherer and romantic primitivist idea

How Globalism Has Destroyed Our Jobs, Businesses And National Wealth In 10 Easy Steps

(..This was actually pretty interesting..)
On Ritual Sacrifice

(..Pretty damn disgusting and dehumanizing, if you ask me..)

The Greatest Trick the Devil Ever Pulled Was Convincing You He Didn’t Exist, by Ferdinand Bardamu

Commenting on – Charles Koch to Friedrich Hayek: Use Social Security!

Freakonomics & The Ho Economy, by Obsidian

Richard Branson on the question, can entrepreneurship be taught?
(Interesting reader comments at

Top Ten Corporate Tax Avoiders

(..fascinating NPR bit on artificial time…)
“The baseline crisis we must understand and confront is not one of economics, climate change, resource depletion or alternate-reality Republicans. Below them all is a crisis in time. Until we recognize it for what it is, we will be powerless to address the challenges surrounding us, hounding us.”

“Your time — almost entirely divorced from natural cycles — is a new time. Your time, delivered through digital devices that move to nanosecond cadences, has never existed before in human history. As we rush through our overheated days we can barely recognize this new time for what it really is: an invention.
It’s an invention that’s killing us.”

(…To protect from Global Warming, just Burn the Village..)

Facebook the Data-Hoover

(…Burhanudin Rabbani’s dead, and an era in Afghanistan is close to closing…)

(..also interesting..) Skin whitening – the prejudice, obsession and discrimination goes on

(..I just find this interesting…)
Moroccans Excel in Mathematics

Response to Norway Attacks? Demand Nuance

and more hilarity

(…Interesting read – CIA and FBI, getting Lawyer to Betray Arab Clients..)

(..So, those interesting trolls on fora and blogs? “Just because you’re not paranoid….” ..)


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2 Quotes on envy, Sadism, and thoughts on Uniforms..

photo copyright Kamal S. of 2011 “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you.” – Kurt Cobain, in some Nirvana song.

A few random things I’ll meander around, one – and this really is a bit random here – I had a thought pass my mind; uniforms reflect a metaphysical order. But I’ll get to that in a bit.

Two: Maurice Yolles at John Moores University recently authored a paper looking at the way in which social psychological processes in social collectives can result in individual pathological behavior and neuroses. And how this can result in overt corruption in the social and political arena. In general they conclude that social collective entities have psychological pathologies that are very similar to individuals. And their pathologies interact upon individuals’ pathologies.

Looking through Yolles bibliography one notices an interest in cybernetics and organizational behavior and theory. An interest in collective entities, organizations of all types, and their apparent psychological processes. The idea that a collectivity can exhibit what appears to be psychological behavior shouldn’t be surprising at all. It’s a basic mainstay of old fashioned Crowd psychology going back a century, and forms the basis of much of communication, propaganda, and public relations theory.

Three: on that theme, I’m reading an interesting book – it’s by the Jadczyk Couple (Arkadiusz and Laura Knight)” it’s called “Political Ponerology” – here’s an Amazon link in case you want to check it out, I recommend it.

So back to uniforms, reflecting a metaphysical order?


You know, if you look closely you can realize that in the most mundane everyday, and even and mediocre things, there are traces of a metaphysical order. Subtle traces like a wisp of incense smoke, traces perceptible even if the people of a given age fails to recognize it.

Here’s an example for you, ever notice how headgear can become iconic?

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One reflection on Old Money Versue New Money – The Nippert Farm

I suspect that I may get a few rather pissy local comments on this post..

(photo courtesy of Justyna Furmanczyk - I’ve reflected a bit on the recent affairs concerning community reactions to Mrs. Louise Nippert and her Green Acres farm. The Nipperts, the old Gamble House, and associated other affairs have been in and out of the local news for the last few years.

In a way I think that in affair, though it’s died down a bit, here lies a good illustration of the differences between the values of Old money and New money. Old money needn’t actually be ‘old’ per se, but there is a distinctive set of values.
To be sure, these matters are complex and emotional, and the neighbors involved had good reasons for their objections, but in a way I think the whole thing settles down to values, distinctive values…

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