Downtown Cincinnati Looses Another Business? Capri Tavola Calda

By Kemal,

Pedestrians seeking some of Cincinnati’s most delicious Pizza by the slice got a sudden reminder of the transient nature of things on Monday, 4/18/11.

Located on the 700 Block of Walnut Street, between 4th Street and Fountain Square and next to the Cigar Shop, Capri’s – a small Italian Pizzaria and bistro, owned by a local Italian family, adding innovative twists on authentic Italian Pizza – was unusually closed for business all day on Monday and Tuesday.

On Thursday walking past I noticed that the tables and a good deal of the equipment itself has been moved. This suggests either renovation or shuttering, since there was no notice in the door the later is strongly suspected.

Another casualty of Ohio’s declining economy? Capri’s is well located, in the heart of Cincinnati’s downtown corporate quarter, and certainly received a portion of the lunch time crowd. Since Cincinnati is among the sleepiest major cities in the country, downtown eateries and drinkeries typically rely on Lunch time traffic for a substantial portion of their revenue.

In my opinion, they had the best cannolis in town, their departure will be missed. Though their pizza by the slice was a bit expensive ($3.00 per slice) they were large servings, made with excellent ingredients. My only complaint would be that they were frequently far too hot (I’ve scalded my mouth a few times, even after waiting 5 minutes to cool) and the exquisite lovely manager of the place often seemed to have a dark cloud over her head, mood wise. That said, they had the best cannolis in town, hands down.

Capri’s, if it is indeed closed for good, will be missed.

The answer, my friend, is brushing your teeth from the right bowl

By Kemal

“The sun is high up in the sky and I’m in my car
Drifting down into the abattoir
Do you see what I see, dear?

..I wanted to be your Superman but I turned out such a jerk
I got the abattoir blues
I got the abattoir blues…”– Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Abattoir Blues

“Consider now the valley
of Hinnom – the trucks
from the abattoir
skidding their loads,
the shameless body parts.
Ezekiel’s wheel
shall encompass all..” –Geoffrey Hill, in Ezekiel’s Wheel

The answer, my friend, is certainly not just “blowing with the wind” – unless you’re a leaf.

The answer is to know your hour, and what is due from you to it, and what it is giving to you; and to take what that hour offers you, and then to do what the hour demands. Being appropriate, in other words. Like, do you brush your teeth out a toilet bowl?


Consider the following:
I contend that you can tell a lot about the true greatness of a civilization by how noble, or insipid, they are in their decadence – right before the fall into senility. I contend, further, that a mistake people make, out of nostalgia, is to hearken back to that specific point; not realizing in their sincere, naive, and dangerous delusion that what they yearn for, out of nostalgia, was that civilization’s extreme illness. I contend, further, that one who is truly perceptive can discern the proper measure of a civilization’s true inner greatness by looking at its earlier, less grand, and primitive stages. The least sexy and glamorous parts of its history. I fear, however, that many people lack the imagination, insight, or discernment to do so, frankly.

Dead civilizations are best left moldering in their graves. Attempts to resurrect them simply creates revenants.

What in the world am I babbling ’bout here, you ask? Well consider the following.

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1: Reflections on a link about the State snatching kiddies from their mommies &tc.

By Kemal

A buddy sent me this link – I’ll have to consider this crap when I become a parent:

it's all a well meaning munching, after all..You know what? You would be gravely mistaken if you thought that what this article describes is exceptional. I believe that cases like this are increasing. Why, I’ll touch on later.

I have two very close friends, who experienced something like this, in dealing with Hamilton County’s Family Services. The most egregious case was instigated by a to be un-named principal at a to be un-named local elementary school.

And you know what, when asking around town for advice I got mostly well-intentioned ‘it can’t be like that, something else is going on’ well it turned out to be exactly this. But I understand this, because I too would be incredulous if not for the fact that I read an inordinate amount of well documented evil malarkey which tends to jade me I guess. It turns out the skepticism of these well meaners had no base, the County authorities were completely in the wrong here, and displaying bad intent.

This tells me that incidents like this are far more common than one may suspect. If in a limited circle of associates I know two who went through similar matters as the article describes (not to the same extreme, as I’ll describe) it suggests to me that these things are becoming endemic.

I think that people are not willing to believe certain things. After all, Child and Family services are there to help, and this is true. They save kids from incredible abuse, they help society’s most helpless. It’s also true that you have to look at things without emotionalism, looking at obvious cases of organizational abuse and the fact that there are always two sides to every story.

I would have dismissed things like this, as being exceptional or exaggerated, had I not known 2 sets of parents who went through similar struggles. Not to the same extreme, as in this article, but similar state pressure and an attempt to remove custody in favor of state hands, for non compliance with a specious order to drug their children. One is all but my next door neighbor and someone I’ve known for 17 years in both ill and good.

So – here’s the scoop…

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