More quotes than you can shake a crutch at – 3 August 2010

the average nerd’s fantasy woman behaves like a sex-starved player in her dealings with men. She is violent, vulgar, boorish, and ball-breaking. In other words, she is Lara Croft. The most obnoxious grrlpower stereotypes in the media are found in nerd-targeted media for a reason…” – ferdinand at In Mala Fide

Just as most genetic mutations are useless, most original things are useless” – Erranter commenting on Harold Bloom and his lack or originality doesn’t do any good to blame the people or the time – one is oneself all of those people. We are the time.
-James Baldwin, in Another Country

“..Eastern despotisms have arrived nearer the idea of equality and fraternity than any republic yet invented.” -Sir Richard Francis Burton, in 1886, commenting on the character of the Arab per his experiences in the Middle East as an explorer.

What is the sound of one hand hitting our head?

“Kemal, rule one. The Scheming never ends”
And Khalid Bey rolled his eyes, poured more milk in his coffee, and stired.

“Take a Celeron CPU, after all it’s a lobotomized Pentium. Can you believe it, it actually takes more money to make A Celeron, but it’s the cheaper CPU chip ! How much sense does that make?”

Kemal lazily tries to flag down the Barista, but her back is turned, idly picking at the peeling paint on the table, he notices the somewhat surreal, or rather hyper real in congruent assemblages of flea market tables, half broken chairs, frayed sofas, and cobwebs that made up the 40 year old presence of the Café.

No one ever dusts here, it’s probably last been cleaned in 1985.

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Godflesh – In All Languages DVD

I just picked up a rather old release from Earache Records, a DVD compilation of early 1990s Godflesh videos.

Titled, In All Languages, the disk was composed of 5 Songs, all simply crushing.

The videos are well choreographed, and the music well mastered. Each piece was visually interesting, while the sonic effect of the music was brutal. These are not my favorite Godflesh cuts, but I enjoyed the disk all the same.

Basically they are the videos I wish I’d seen in high school – but of course MTV never ever played Godflesh, excepting one or twice in Headbanger’s ball whenever Ricky Rattman got sick of rotating he poseur hairband friends..

The strongest video on the CD was Crush my Soul, directed by Andres Serrano. Starting with a cockfight scene and proceeding to a disturbing symbolic sacrifice scene.

The least strong video was for Slave State. Christbait Rising and Avalance Master Song were visually interesting, but Crush my Soul stood out the best.

The DVD was included with a purchase of Songs of Love and Hate in Dub, a CD I’d love to review however it seems not to play in my CD player, endlessly skipping even though the CD itself physically looks flawless. I am too lazy to return it, but might simply give it away as a gift to someone.


Links of the Day 2 August 2010

Things I found interesting this morning

Totally unexpected, I never would have suspected this

This is kind of odd too

Wikileaks Insurance file?

But is it what it seems?

This sucks

And also from Thule..

Google’s Wi-Spying and Intelligence Ties Prompt Call for Congressional Hearing

Ancient Human Metropolis Found in Africa
(Still interesting, but I’m convinced the dating’s off, there is no bloody way it could be 200,000 years old and a product of homo sapiens, homo sapiens didn’t even develop the capacity for this kind of thought until 50,000 – 40,000 years ago)

A tide turns

Human Trafficking In The U.S.: One Woman’s Story

Savages, pure barbarity.
Feature Story: Russia’s Sex Slave Graveyard – By Yasha Levine & Alexander Zaitchik – The eXiled

Also utterly barbaric
Baltic girls forced into sex slavery