Good incense versus nag champa

Nag Champa is not good incense, though many good and sincere people are of the impression it is.

I grant you, it smells better than burnt sawdust, perhaps “good” is relative. In much the way that well Gin is better than, say, rubbing alcohol, a delightful romp with a neurotic coke-thin feme picked up at 2:00am, at the Northside Tavern, beats an extended bout of celibacy (or tricking with sketchy sidewalk ladies found at Race & Findlay at 4:00am), and a frisch’s big boy fish sandwich beats fish sticks between wonder bread, hands down.

But Nag Champa is not good incense. It is passable…
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Review – USSA, Paul Barker post-Ministry, and Jesu’s Conqurer

USSA I rarely listen to music anymore – little of it inspires me anymore, I HATE the constant “song in the head” phenomena, and frankly haven’t had time. I’m working more jobs than an FOB third-worlder dumped in the middle of the big apple. Catchy “song in the head” loops just make me grumpy nowdays. I like my psyche to be mine, and mine alone, and not shared with random repeating tunes.

However I’ve just heard some songs from Paul Barker (Ministry, Lard) and Duane Denison’s (Jesus Lizard) new band, called USSA.

I’m impressed…
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ancient Jailhouse Poetry found in a history book…

The translation is choppy, but the sentiment strikes me deep.

aging poets
“Ask him who taunts us with the vissitudes of fortune; has fortune ever thwarted any but men of worth?

Look at the sea: do not carcasses float on the surface, while pearls lie deep on its bottom?

If the hands of trouble have fastened upon us and injury befallen us from a succession of blows

Well, there are countless stars in the heavens but only the sun and moon suffer eclipse..”
– written by Ziyar Bin Shahraguyah in the year 982, from jail

Found on page 21, in volume VI of “The Eclipse of the Abbasid Caliphate”, by Abu Shuja Rudhrawari and his secretary, Hilal Bin Muhassin.

Translated into English by D.S. Margoliouth, 1921, utterly out of print and lifted^H^H^H I mean borrowed by myself from a certain local library…