Autism and Infertility.. something is not right.

Something I stumbled on recently was a news article regarding low incidences of Autism in Pennsylvania Dutch country. The reporter (pretty mainstream) noticed some interesting things outside the immediate scope of this blog post – but I refer you to Google..

Anyway, the matter intrigued me.. something must be up I thought, so I did a bit of superficial research, nothing in depth. It led me to an interesting Autism advocacy group’s website, called fighting autism. I read briefs on major surveys in all 50 states and something hit me like a hammer in my head.

Something MASSIVE is going on. Overall Autism prevalence trends nationwide have steadily increased from 1992 to 2003. They don’t have newer data on their site but 2003 is recent enough, 5 years ago you can only suppose rates are even higher now.
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Aristotle on Limits, and Ibn Arabi chimes in – Fuzzy = bad

pythagoras, a man better than aristotleContrary to the opinion of many people, philosophy is a very useful thing.

Why? Because it helps sharpen thought, teaching you how to see things in crystal clear categories instead of fuzzy muddied blurs.

Many people go through life experiencing life in a very dull way, they think they are in its flow but they are actually being carried along by its flow. Thinking and reflecting at least makes one see this flow for what it is.

A little bit of philosophy, now and then, is a useful thing: not taken as an end in itself but as a means of directing the mind to consider things we may not have even noticed before.

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