The lover’s chambers. A similutude on Reality’s nature

Some people fear vastness, I feel an almost erotic thrill when beholding a desert, a vast forest, a huge mountain, or the sea. The night sky at times almost robs me of my speech.

There is a vastness to beauty, my heart expands when I behold certain eyes, or a fair neck. A beautiful form and face, even when they conceal an ugly interior.

A crumbling mansion speaks to be, the silence of the grave stones pushing through the grass, the sky’s vault over it all.

There are things that seem ineffable – impossible to fully articulate but that may only be grasped at and hinted at – but whose impact on my mind seems to suggest a self evident order of reality that is as real, if not more so, as the hair upon the back of my hands.

I feel that our modern tendency to reduce reality to what little we can materially perceive directly through our physical faculties, and a tendency to almost worship the form, blinds us and robs us of other faculties of perception that suggest that things around us are not quite as they may seem.

Know a paradox:
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