A dialog, a Secret in the Quran, and Ibn Adam…

There is a wolf among Men, and truly man is a wolf to himself and others. – Anonymous.
“..Feel a twist of Cain. Inside a beating heart… – Danzig, Twist of Cain
Scene: Random Coffeehouse, Late 2009.

Murat Maghribi:
“Hey Kemal, wanna guess a secret? Tell me, did you ever wonder about the verse from the quran
“وقال الذين كفروا ربنا أرنا الذين أضلانا من الجن والإنس نجعلهما تحت أقدامنا ليكونا من الأسفلين” ?

Kemal S.: “eh…… up that’s the people in the fire saying they want to stomp on those who misguided them from Jinn and Humanity, right? “وقال الذين كفروا ربنا أرنا الذين أضلانا من الجن والإنس نجعلهما تحت أقدامنا ليكونا من الأسفلين”

This is about eschatology isn’t it…”

Murat Maghribi: “That wasn’t my question, I said did you ever wonder about it? Think about it? And stop using big words, eschatology? What is this, a comparative religions class?

Oh, and when you figure this out, just remember, no one else out there has stumbled on this in our generation, if you see anyone saying this afterwards, you’ll have a good idea of where it came from…”

Kemal:”… Eschatology isn’t a big word. Um, well sure I guess, I mean the people in the verse are pissed off and want to get back at the people who led them there I guess?”

Murat Maghribi: “Brilliant, of course you didn’t bother thinking about it. ‘I guess‘ Do you think it was symbolic ? Do you think it’s Metaphorical? Tell me, do you think, perhaps, it refers to a specific person or people? Speculation and certitude are two separate things, and you cannot build upon doubt or speculation.

Kemal: “Well I mean in general, it’s mythopoetic.”

Murat Maghribi: “(in annoyance) By Allah, Muslims are hopeless, if they ever survive this century I’d be surprised, but they won’t so that’s a moot point. Look at Tafsir Jalalain and Ibn Kathir.”

(Kemal whips out laptop and much button clicking) I’m having problems searching the Arabic…”

Murat Maghribi: “Want me to give it out to you? Guess, you have Jinn and you have Ins, Humanity. Now who is the agent of misguidance among the Jinn.”

Kemal: “Shaitan?”

Murat Maghribi: “Brilliant, Iblis. Now what about humanity?”

Kemal: “Well, there is the figure of the antichrist, Masih al-Dajjal… I mean I don’t get it, I’m racking my brain..”

Murat Maghribi: “Guess I am going to have to give it out to you, read this: “قال إبليس وابن آدم الذي قتل أخاه” – You know who that is, now don’t you?

Kemal: “…. Iblis and Ibn Adam? Wait, Ibn Adam “aladhi qatalu ahku”

Murat Maghribi: “Close enough, but you didn’t answer the question.”

Kemal: “Ok ابن آدم الذي قتل أخاه … Oh my God, you mean Qabil, right?

Murat Maghribi: “I’m not giving you the punch line you are going to have to figure that out, أي إبليس وقابيل

Kemal: “Hmm… wait a second. Whoa. That’s heavy… but wait, who does this narration come from? Who said this, is it Sahih?

Murat Maghribi: “I told you, stop giving me that “Sahih” bullshit. What, did Bukhari wet nurse you or something?”

Kemal: (checking sources) hmm… Ali Ibn Abi Talib? Where else narrated this.. (more checking) so wait, Qabil, Cain is the Son who slew his brother, so this verse is saying explicitly that these two are the ones spoken of? And why do you keep bringing up Bukhari and Sahih narrations, isn’t Sahih good?”

Murat Maghribi: “Close, and missing it by a mile. What does the verse really say. Make some effort here.
The question is Why? And you know what’s going on with Bukhari so, let’s just move on to something more interesting.”

Kemal:”Well the sources seem to say سنا الكفر والقتل but that’s not quite what you’re getting at?

Murat Maghribi:”No, I mean why. The meaning, the essence, tell me what is going on here, picture it in your head, model it, use your imagination – that thing Muslims lack nowadays. What does it mean? What do these people desire? What do they covet? And why?”

Kemal: “Wait a second. This is related to the دجال, to the antichrist somehow. Isn’t it”

Murat Maghribi: “Eh? What are you talking about here? What are you thinking? Figure it out yourself.
I’m always giving you the punchline anyway. You can at least make a little bit more effort here…”

Kemal: “So what’s the punchline? ??? هما الشيطان و الدجال”

What’s the textual evidence for this

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